Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh, Canada! We stand on guard for dictators.

While all the conservative bloggers and liberal bloggers and politicians are blaming each other for aiding the Gaddafi (or Ghadafi, Khadafi, Gaddhafi or whatever the fuck his name is) regime, the simple fact is this: No matter the political stripe, Canadian governments love to do business with despots and dictators. Whether it was Chretien with the Suharto regime (and Canadian police services beat and pepper sprayed Canadian citizens who protested that fact-see APEC 1997), Paul Martin with countless African dictators, or now, Stephen Harper with (as pictured) his own little band of dictators, up to and including supporting Israel's "...measured response" in the Gaza Strip in 2009 and the attack on the Flotilla last year.
So before we all get up on our high horses (Ignatieff) and proclaim to be on higher ground than the other , read a fucking book or look up facts on the interweb. You may just find that the politician you stand behind stands behind some pretty awful people.
And while we are on the topic, the reason that Canada supports Gaddafi in the first place is because our (former national, taxpayer supported) Petro-Canada has been doing business with that lizard for a long time. That (now private) corporation belongs to Sun Corp, Canada's largest oil producer, based in Calgary, Alberta. Stephen Harper's riding is in Calgary.
Am I making sense here?

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