Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Not the Ludwig Van!" or re-education time

"Now, repeat after me... Unions are a communist plot and they want to take away all of our freedoms. We are in a period of negative economic growth and all these union thugs want to do is take food off of your table so they can keep it for themselves."

"Teachers are lazy people who cannot do anything themselves, so they spend their days teaching our children to be lazy, pinko leeches, like themselves. The reason for education failing is not because of budget cutbacks but because teachers are part of the communist plot to turn everyone into layabouts."

"Unions are not there to help you, they are only there to steal money off your paycheque."

"People that protest are not like you and me. They are from somewhere else. Like Hawaii, or a country where there is another language spoken, other than English." 

"Violence or at least the threat of violence, is always an option when dealing with these types of people."

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