Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A letter to the powers-that-be, from Yogiuday...

dear sir/ma'am,

instead of following an outdated, archaic "tradition" which continues the repulsive practice of killing baby seals with clubs and then skinning them alive, why not use your creativity, intelligence and power to show canada as a progressive nation with a heart.   

the entire house of commons pathetically stood by so called patriotism in support of the seal hunt some years ago, an in so doing demonstrated its ignorance and disrespect for our world, solely for the purpose of vote buying.

it is high time that our leaders got off their selfish, arrogant podiums and  offered some  answers for the problems of this world instead of adding to them.  here is my suggestion for the 1200 or so people that kill seals each spring.  why not spend a tiny fraction of the amount spent on guns, bombs and other bullshit, on training the sealers and children of the sealers so that they can find alternate sources of income so this barbaric industry will die a natural death.  not only would you find an answer for the income of these few people but you would also show your wisdom and ability to lead to the rest of the country, make friends with the EU and America and in so doing support the canadian seafood industry which is seeing boycotts continue. 

 it used to be tradition and culture in America to keep and beat slaves.  and it used to be tradition and culture through most of EU and parts of Asia to maintain strict social stratas based on birth.  perhaps it is time to help end this tradition in canada.  canada is already well known as the biggest killer of marine mammals on the planet and the biggest polluter from a single source on the planet;  maybe YOU, who are so concerned about Canada's image in the world, can change one of these two blights.

stop the seal hunt now.  it is in your hands.

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