Monday, January 3, 2011

Wikileaks reveals that Sea Shepherd is a thorn in the side of Japan.

Wikileaks has revealed that the Japanese government views Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as a very serious threat to their illegal whaling activities. In a classified U.S. Department of State document released byWikileaks to the El Pais newspaper in Spain, the Japanese Deputy General Director for the Japanese Fisheries Agency Mr. Yamashita, pointed out that “the harassment of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society had kept the Japanese whaling fleet from reaching its quotas these last few years.”
There it is! For all the critics who have been saying the anti-whaling campaigns have not been effective, Sea Shepherd holds the same position as the Japanese Fisheries Agency that the campaigns have been very effective, so effective in fact that Sea Shepherd has been discussed in high-level talks by Japanese government representatives with the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Wikileaks has also revealed that the Australian Federal Government has been lying to the Australian people, telling them that they are against the Japanese whalers, while secretly colluding with the Japanese and American Governments to set some kind of a 'quota' for the amount of whales to be killed each year.
Hello! Fuckers! Whaling has been banned under the international IWC since 1984. It should be a quota of ZERO.  

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