Monday, January 17, 2011

Swiss Bank Accounts Revealed!

What is that I hear? It is the sound of those in power, freaking out. The ruse is up, boys! There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Rudolph Elmer. Elmer is providing the secret Swiss bank account records of over 2,000 prominent world lawmakers, leaders and businessmen to Wikileaks for immediate publication to the world. I can't help it, folks. I am fucking ecstatic to see just who some of those people are and what they will say to their respective governments about all the crime and evasion that they they will be charged with.
Let's face it, we probably won't be surprised by these revelations, due to the greedy and dishonest way that power does business these days but it will be interesting to watch the bastards squirm a bit.
Of course, Mr. Elmer is being charged by the Swiss government for his actions. That is no surprise, considering this is the country that allowed Nazi officials and collaborators to hide all their gains from the holocaust, all the while claiming that they were 'neutral'. The only reason for Switzerland remaining neutral was exactly that but that is another matter altogether.
Elmer has been charged with coercion and violating strict Swiss secrecy laws. What a joke. These laws are in place for one reason: to protect criminally negligent, tax evading business people and their cronies from the tax laws of their nations. This is the same purpose for the Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. In fact, the information which Mr. Elmer 'stole' is from a Cayman bank. So how can Switzerland prosecute Mr. Elmer for an apparent crime he perpetrated in another country?
We are deep in a financial crisis and governments all over the world are throwing around their corporate-cult-speak catchword of the day, 'austerity', while simultaneously shielding the ultra-rich from paying taxes and cutting corporate taxes at the same time. I can tell you, it has never, in the history of humankind, been a better time to be filthy fucking rich, my friends.
I wring my hands in glee, thinking of the media dogging these pilferers and criminals from their yacht clubs to their country clubs to their court dates.
Let the Wikileaks begin!

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