Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union

The Prez made a speech last night. He talked about some stuff, like education and the economy, stimulus and government size reduction. There was other stuff, too but it was just the same old boring shit that all politicians talk about. Not a word about climate change, not a word about the largest oil spill in the history of the world, not a word about alternative energy or the need for green economics. Half the world is either frozen, flooded or on fire right now but that doesn't even make a blip on the radar of what the world's largest superpower and economy will do with its' money and time over the next two years.

Obama is the best Democratic Republican president of all time. The Tea Party was invented to present an extreme, far-right opinion that takes the heat off a supposedly progressive White House, while they cut corporate taxes, continue illegal wars, block gay marriage, give trillions of dollars to banks, amp up security measures and spending, maintain the status quo at Guantanamo Bay, continue breaking UN sanctioned agreements, contravening the Geneva Convention through torture of detainees, stalling the Middle East peace process, intensifying pressure with Iran and North Korea and the list goes on...
I feel like a fucking idiot for having fallen prey to that whole stupid 'Hope' campaign in 2008. How ludicrous, how imbecile, how naive, how foolish to have had hope for any real change.
We can no longer look to our leaders in any way to provide us with social change. We can only expect them to fight us every step of the way. Our leaders answer to bankers, CEOs, the military industry, oil companies, very rich and powerful men.
They do not and will not answer to us. They walk the halls of power, not the halls of justice.
Remember that next time you are on your way to the polls and you think your vote is going to make a difference.
Your time is better spent making a difference in your own neighbourhood or town. Join a group or committee that does something positive or just live your life in a way that makes constructive change.
Drive less, help a friend, help an animal, do yoga, start a progressive think tank, make art, volunteer.
We are living in a corporate plutocracy. Let's hope less that things will change and act more, so that they do.

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