Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When I was a kid I used to smash my toys when i was angry
I had rage that was so palpable, I could feel it
Course through my veins
I had little patience for other children
Their power games in the playground
I thought them to be evil and malicious
There was always a kid bigger than you
Who would taunt you on the way home from school
Eventually leading to a beating
Usually me, sometimes them
I learned to outfox them
Cut to the bone, with wit
With hurt, I would hit
Back again and again
Until cries of mercy
This is what happens when you are a kid
Who likes dancing
Playing the flute
And talking to yourself on the way to school
I never talked to myself on the way home
I was too busy hiding
Or planning an attack
With stones or words or both
I was loathe to defend myself
Against this pack of chimps
On bikes, the likes of them repulsed me
I just wanted to sit in a field
Pick daisies and plan violent attacks
The pack mentality is best met with ferocity
And diabolical virtuosity
The best laid plans
Fail when hit by fire

These tactics and reactions can follow you
Into adult life and leave you naked
Against the crowd
When the music is loud
And we are all pretending
To be never ending
Friends and enemies

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