Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Listen up, Children! You've been Naughty.

I read a full page article in a daily newspaper here in Melbourne today. It was a message to, presumably, anyone who would read it and not think for themselves. It was a message from all the big retailers here in Australia. David Jones, Target, Meyer and all the other crap stores that peddle crap. It stated that sales were down this year at Christmas due to the high amount of online shopping, or "internet shopping", as they called it, like it was 1996 or something.
They said that people were doing all their shopping online and that foreign corporations were taking money out of the local economy, taking food out of the mouths of Australian babies, killing much needed jobs, blah, blah, blah...
These are all the old arguments coming from a tired, old system that is too lazy or scared to change. See music, television, movie, newspaper, book industry for this plea for things to stay the same. These people do not want change because they like to operate within the same old paradigms that have worked for generations. If not for the customer.
Now, if these assholes really cared about the jobs of the people who work for them, they would manufacture their shit right here but they outsourced all that labour offshore decades ago, to countries where workers have little or no human rights that those same workers enjoyed here for generations.
Then I read that they want the government to impose GST on all online overseas purchases for small items.
When is the last time you heard a corporation asking a government to impose a tax? Taxes are like Kryptonite to these greedy bastards and now they want to slap a tax on you and me, their customers. They would scream bloody murder if the government wanted to raise the already ridiculously low taxes on their shipments of crap from China that they try to sell to us at inflated prices that they already have a bulk discount on due to their high volume buying power. Small business and the street level consumer do not enjoy this same freedom.
Instead of spending millions of dollars on campaigns to convince people that they don't know what is good for them, why don't these assholes spend some money in their community? Or on wages for the poor saps that work for them, within or outside Australian borders?
These old time, top heavy, behemoths are going to topple under their own stupidity and greed. Do they have any idea how ridiculous this campaign looks and sounds?
So now, here we are, in the 21st century and we open a newspaper, to read million dollar, full page ads, telling us that it is almost dangerous or illegal to try to find the best product at the best price. And if it isn't, it should be. Then you go to the movie theatre and you have to endure some asshole warning you that downloading movies is illegal, after you have paid $18 and sat through 20 minutes of commercials and are still waiting for the movie to start that you PAID for. Then you have to sit through ad campaigns on the TV about stealing or copying TV shows, between the endless rounds of commercials that you have to endure while trying to watch a show that you PAID for.
What the fuck is wrong with these insatiable, insufferable bastards? Are we an audience of imbeciles?
The government tells us that we can't handle the truth, therefore the truth should be criminalised. Now we are being told that the only people that can save money are the people that basically have a license to print it anyway.
I wish this campaign would backfire on these unscrupulous corporations who know no boundaries. They should be publicly shamed for their insolence. Are we not tired of being treated like a nation of 6 year olds?

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