Monday, January 10, 2011

Letter to Rafe Mair:

As usual, Mr. Mair, you say exactly what I am thinking. No other columnist in this province has the balls to say what you do. Well, they can't. Let's face it, we have a media in B.C. that is bought and paid for by corporate interests. I am still absolutely disgusted by the lack of any inquiry into the sale of BC Rail. All these criminals that call themselves public servants are a disgrace and of course these MLAs do not want an enquiry because they will all have their day in court and we will find out that Collins, Campbell, Clark and friends, had their fingers in the cookie jar.
 I have never been so disillusioned with BC politics. And now, once again, we are faced with an army of idiots and incompetence to  choose from, at election time.
It is no wonder the NDP cannot find a decent candidate. The party has become an absolute embarrassing joke under the tutelage of Carol James. I mean, seriously, Ms. James, I have never seen a more ineffective politician in all my life. If Ms. James could not capitalise off of the criminal and extreme ideology of the BC Liberals, then she has no place in politics. And then to try to hang on, even after it became plainly obvious that nobody wanted her to stay on as party leader, she, once again, buried her head in the proverbial sand.
I cannot think of one person that has been paraded in front of us as a possible leadership candidate, that would be even half decent.
The NDP and the Liberals are a complete wash. And where are the Greens in all this?

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