Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Climate change is a hoax..."

I read an article about a week ago that stated,"there was less discussion about climate change in the international media in 2010, than in any year since the Global Climate Change talks began in Kyoto, in 1997. Was this because, for some reason known only to our creator, climate change had just disappeared and we could continue on down the road of planetary abuse, no longer worrying about greenhouse gases that 'alarmists' like Greenpeace or the IPCC or Al Gore were telling us about?
I mean, who are the IPCC, anyway? Just a bunch of quack scientists with an agenda that they want to impose on our freedom? They sound like a bunch of communists to me. 
There are several reasons why we don't hear that much about climate change anymore. 

“Several journalists have argued that efforts to downplay the significance of climate change resemble the campaign by tobacco lobbyists, after being confronted with new data linking cigarettes to cancer, to shift public perception of the discoveries toward that of a myth, unwarranted claim, or exaggeration rather than mainstream scientific theory.  In 2006, The Guardian discussed similarities in the methods of groups funded byExxon, and those of the tobacco giant Philip Morris, including direct attacks on peer-reviewed science, and attempts to create public controversy and doubt.[10]                                                                                                    Some journalists attribute the government inaction to the effects of climate change denial. However, a recent Angus Reid poll indicates that global warming skepticism in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom has been rising, apparently continuing a trend that has progressed for “months, even years”. There may be multiple causes of this trend, including a focus on economic rather than environmental issues, and a negative perception of the “role the United Nations has played in promoting the global warming issue.” Another cause may be weariness from overexposure to the topic: secondary polls suggest that “many people were turned off by extremists on both sides,” while others show 54% of U.S. voters believe that “the news media make global warming appear worse than it really is.” A poll in 2009 regarding the issue of whether “some scientists have falsified research data to support their own theories and beliefs about global warming” showed that 59% of Americans believed it “at least somewhat likely”, of which 35% believed it is “very likely”.

I also believe that the world economy going down the toilet shifts people's attention away from environmental issues, to economic and financial issues. What a drag for the planet that the world's banks had to go bankrupt because of their own greed and then shift the burden and fallout of that greed, to citizens. And now, here we are, the hottest year on record and, coincidentally, the least reported year. Where do we go from here? There is flooding and droughts of biblical proportions all over the planet, the bees are becoming extinct, taking 25% of fruits and vegetables with them, the price of food will hit record highs this year, causing massive food shortages and sparking global food riots. 

And in Canada, our government's biggest concern is to get an oil pipeline built from the tar sands out to the coast. Oh, I almost forgot. Their second biggest project is to stall global climate change agreements. I think their third and fourth projects are $2 billion in corporate tax cuts and to oppose a national public transportation initiative, maybe not in that order.
Climate change is not a hoax, truth is a hoax.  

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