Thursday, January 6, 2011

China: The other white meat...

The following excerpt is from a Wikileaks cable. It is a quote from Zhang Jiazhe, some Chinese dude that knows shit about China and makes it abundantly clear that the reason China doesn't like to do business in South America is because they care about workers' human rights and the environment, which is obviously not that much of a concern in China. It's tough being a dictatorship these days, ain't that right, China?

the bigger problem for China in Latin America right now, said the scholars, is its image among the local population. Zhang [Zhang Jiazhe, Vice Director of the Center for Developing Countries Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences] said competition from Chinese imports, like textiles and shoes, is creating negative feelings towards China among countries with large low-end manufacturing industries, mentioning Mexico as an example. There is also a perception in Latin America that Chinese investors are like ‘locusts,’ extracting minerals and natural resources and leaving very little of lasting value behind, said the scholars. Chinese companies, on the other hand, find it difficult to invest in Latin America, according to Niu [Niu Haibin, Deputy Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies]. Chinese companies complain about strong labor unions and cultural conflicts in Latin America, including a ‘different work ethic’ between Latin American workers and Chinese workers, said Niu. Chinese companies thus prefer to import workers from China for projects in Latin America, often at the cost of local resentment.”

So, they like to bring their own workers with them. The companies just fell better doing it that way. Less fuss. I can't understand why those lazy Latinos would be so upset that those foreign corporations would come to their country, rape the environment, and then not even offer anyone a fuckin' job? 


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