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Assange on Zuckerberg...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some thoughts on Egypt...

There have been many reports and opinions coming out of the mouths of reporters working for the Western corporate media, regarding what is going on in Egypt right now. There is some facts, that have been released by Wikileaks on Jan. 27th, that paint a picture nobody wants to reveal. The U.S. and U.K. media, in particular, do not want people around the world to know the real story behind this uprising.
As of this evening, Al Jazeera is being shut down in Cairo and I think we know who is ordering that, don't we? Al Jazeera is the only media outlet who are not towing the official line. And that just wouldn't be good, would it? 
The internet was shut down yesterday by the Egyptian Government but I also have my suspicions about who was behind that, too...

WikiLeaks has embarrassed U.S. government policymakers on an almost daily basis for the past year, releasing classified documents that reveal corruption in America's foreign wars and diplomatic affairs. The embarrassment continued this week, as WikiLeaks revealed January 27 that U.S. diplomats had casually referred to "routine and pervasive" torture by Egyptian police in diplomatic cables. The revelations not only helped to stoke anti-government fervor in the current Egyptian unrest, but they were posted on the WikiLeaks website the same day Vice President Joe Biden continued to defend the 30-year-long Mubarak regime as an "ally" of the United States. "I would not refer to him as a dictator," Biden told PBS's Jim Lehrer. Asked by Lehrer whether Mubarak should step down, Biden replied "No." Mubarak, who has ruled Egypt since his predecessor Anwar Sadat was cut down by an assassin's bullet in 1981, has apparently chosen his son Gamal as his successor. Indeed, WikiLeaks cables reveal that U.S. officials met with Gamal Mubarak in a semi-official capacity, apparently grooming him for the post. But many media outlets reported January 26 that Gamal Mubarak and his family have fled the nation's chaos for exile in Britain.
Egypt remains a prime recipient of U.S. military foreign aid, so the weapons used against pro-democracy protesters by police and the military may actually have been purchased by U.S. taxpayers. In addition, the United States has used the torturing Mubarak regime in Egypt as a destination for interrogation of detainees in the war on terror through the Clinton and Bush administration's policy of "extraordinary rendition."

Friday, January 28, 2011


Inspired by the world-changing success of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, students and professors at the City University of New York's Graduate School of Journalism have put together LocalLeaks, an internet tip-line that allows citizens to anonymously reach hundreds of local newspapers around America.
If you've got a hot story you'd like to see reported, use LocalLeaks to pick from more than 1,400 reputable papers who want your tips, and then send your sensitive information, comfortable with the knowledge thatnobody will be able to trace you if you don't want them to:
Each drop-box consists of a secure web connection and a form that encrypts both files and the text submitted (then destroys the originals) as well as removes identifying metadata from documents. The system also makes every effort to leave no traceable remnants from the transaction, such as identifiable session cookies on the client side or logging of any IP addresses on the server side.
Why do you ask, 2 dogs Running?

The past and pending...

Live in the now but the past contains material to mine for learning about the future.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

FBI goes after "Anonymous" protesters

WASHINGTON — The FBI said Thursday that it had served more than 40 search warrants throughout the United States as part of an investigation into computer attacks on websites of businesses that stopped providing services in December to WikiLeaks.
The FBI statement announcing the search warrants was the first indication that the U.S. intends to prosecute the so-called "hacktivists" for their actions in support of WikiLeaks.
The search warrants were executed on the same day authorities in Great Britain announced that they had arrested five people in connection with the attacks, which temporarily crippled the websites of, PaylPal, MasterCard, Visa, the Swiss bank PostFinance and others.
FBI officials were unavailable for comment, and the statement did not say who was served or where the searches were conducted. The statement noted that attacks, known as distributed denial of service attacks and which use easily available software to shutdown a computer network by flooding it with millions of requests for information, violate federal law and are punishable by a prison sentence of 10 years.
The statement noted that a group known as "Anonymous" had claimed credit for the attacks. Anonymous is also believed responsible in recent days for attacks on government websites in Tunisia and Egypt.

Read more:

There you have it. Justice has been fucking served. Thank goodness. I was wondering when they were going to get those dangerous hackers off the streets. I feel so much better now. Look at the speed in which they rounded them up. The public money they were willing to spend, in order to keep us safe from people who would commit such heinous crimes as 'hacking' a website.
And the crimes, such as genocide, treason, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, terrorism, kidnapping, extortion, theft, larceny, perjury and many more crimes that have been made public by the organisation Wikileaks, have yet to be even discussed by our lawmakers. They are not the least bit interested in doing that when they are kept busy with the continued hunting down and prosecution of real criminals like Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and anyone else that would follow, support or now it seems, even talk to or about, Wikileaks.

Are we surprised that the powerful keepers have reacted with such ferocity against those that would uncover their secrets for all the world to see? These lifetime criminals will do anything to maintain their power. They are already willing to commit any crime and vicious act in order to maintain their hold, why wouldn't they prosecute a few people? It has the dual effect of scaring others, who might be interested in doing the same, to reconsider their actions.

Think about it. Not one person who has been revealed to be a criminal through the release of information, has been prosecuted but every single person who has been found to be in conjunction with Wikileaks, is behind bars or awaiting prosecution. Is that justice? Is that a fair and balanced world, my friends? Think about that next time you can't make your Visa payment because your job has been cut because of 'austerity'. Bank of America and Goldman Sachs just received another $2 billion dollars this week. You can read about it through Wikileaks. 

But I would be careful if I were you. You don't know who's watching...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union

The Prez made a speech last night. He talked about some stuff, like education and the economy, stimulus and government size reduction. There was other stuff, too but it was just the same old boring shit that all politicians talk about. Not a word about climate change, not a word about the largest oil spill in the history of the world, not a word about alternative energy or the need for green economics. Half the world is either frozen, flooded or on fire right now but that doesn't even make a blip on the radar of what the world's largest superpower and economy will do with its' money and time over the next two years.

Obama is the best Democratic Republican president of all time. The Tea Party was invented to present an extreme, far-right opinion that takes the heat off a supposedly progressive White House, while they cut corporate taxes, continue illegal wars, block gay marriage, give trillions of dollars to banks, amp up security measures and spending, maintain the status quo at Guantanamo Bay, continue breaking UN sanctioned agreements, contravening the Geneva Convention through torture of detainees, stalling the Middle East peace process, intensifying pressure with Iran and North Korea and the list goes on...
I feel like a fucking idiot for having fallen prey to that whole stupid 'Hope' campaign in 2008. How ludicrous, how imbecile, how naive, how foolish to have had hope for any real change.
We can no longer look to our leaders in any way to provide us with social change. We can only expect them to fight us every step of the way. Our leaders answer to bankers, CEOs, the military industry, oil companies, very rich and powerful men.
They do not and will not answer to us. They walk the halls of power, not the halls of justice.
Remember that next time you are on your way to the polls and you think your vote is going to make a difference.
Your time is better spent making a difference in your own neighbourhood or town. Join a group or committee that does something positive or just live your life in a way that makes constructive change.
Drive less, help a friend, help an animal, do yoga, start a progressive think tank, make art, volunteer.
We are living in a corporate plutocracy. Let's hope less that things will change and act more, so that they do.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When I was a kid I used to smash my toys when i was angry
I had rage that was so palpable, I could feel it
Course through my veins
I had little patience for other children
Their power games in the playground
I thought them to be evil and malicious
There was always a kid bigger than you
Who would taunt you on the way home from school
Eventually leading to a beating
Usually me, sometimes them
I learned to outfox them
Cut to the bone, with wit
With hurt, I would hit
Back again and again
Until cries of mercy
This is what happens when you are a kid
Who likes dancing
Playing the flute
And talking to yourself on the way to school
I never talked to myself on the way home
I was too busy hiding
Or planning an attack
With stones or words or both
I was loathe to defend myself
Against this pack of chimps
On bikes, the likes of them repulsed me
I just wanted to sit in a field
Pick daisies and plan violent attacks
The pack mentality is best met with ferocity
And diabolical virtuosity
The best laid plans
Fail when hit by fire

These tactics and reactions can follow you
Into adult life and leave you naked
Against the crowd
When the music is loud
And we are all pretending
To be never ending
Friends and enemies

Monday, January 24, 2011

Great Ocean Roads

Silver light of the edge of the day
Sun has left and gone away
Out here, the range rolls forever
Birds and trees find each other
Like lovers and friends
For now, we are quiet in voices
Not in our minds
And hearts
New paths taken
Are good for the soul

Days of Art

Lost in art

These days
Music in my head
And in my ears
The years
Pile on, add up
and all that
So they say
A pile of wood and colour
in the corner of the room
Is what separates me from the rest
Why do I do it?
Does anyone want it?
I do.
I will attach it to my passport
When I go home
For now, I'll keep making it
Faking it and breaking out
Of the well of discontent
The rent, is paid
I've made, up my mind this time
It is the rhymes and fire 
I am looking for
The door must stay open
For me to keep hoping
That hope of eternality 
frugality shall keep me here
And love shall keep me real
In this world of dreams

Sunday, January 23, 2011

BC Premier Campbell at Bilderberg meetings 2010

There is a link here. It has to do with the privatisation of BC's fresh water by multinational corporations, a premier and a group of 130 very powerful people meeting each year to plan for the future. Go ahead. Google it. By the way, the head of Google was at that meeting. Check out the list of attendees and you will see that Gordo is small time compared to these people. Or is he?

Fitzroy street art

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good night and good luck, Mr. Keith Olbermann. You, sir, shall be missed.

Black Swan

I saw a movie called 'Black Swan' tonight. I don't know a thing about ballet but I do know a thing or two about mental breakdowns, so this film hit close to home. Aronofsky (the dude that directed it) is one of the best in modern American cinema today and he did not let me down. Natalie Portman was superb. Her character was annoying the hell out of me in the first half of the story and then I realised I liked her by the second half.  She is a strong actor and looks okay in tights.
All the acting was quite intense. Let's face it, this movie was fucking intense. Winona Ryder was even in it. I haven't seen that little shoplifter since Girl, interrupted. I liked the part when she stabbed herself in the face with a nail file.
There were many scenes with cracking bones, breaking nails, bleeding parts, vomiting and stabbings. I know. You are probably thinking, "What the fuck does any of this have to do with ballet?"
I agree, which is why this film is about ballet and doesn't suck.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Swiss Bank Accounts Revealed!

What is that I hear? It is the sound of those in power, freaking out. The ruse is up, boys! There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Rudolph Elmer. Elmer is providing the secret Swiss bank account records of over 2,000 prominent world lawmakers, leaders and businessmen to Wikileaks for immediate publication to the world. I can't help it, folks. I am fucking ecstatic to see just who some of those people are and what they will say to their respective governments about all the crime and evasion that they they will be charged with.
Let's face it, we probably won't be surprised by these revelations, due to the greedy and dishonest way that power does business these days but it will be interesting to watch the bastards squirm a bit.
Of course, Mr. Elmer is being charged by the Swiss government for his actions. That is no surprise, considering this is the country that allowed Nazi officials and collaborators to hide all their gains from the holocaust, all the while claiming that they were 'neutral'. The only reason for Switzerland remaining neutral was exactly that but that is another matter altogether.
Elmer has been charged with coercion and violating strict Swiss secrecy laws. What a joke. These laws are in place for one reason: to protect criminally negligent, tax evading business people and their cronies from the tax laws of their nations. This is the same purpose for the Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. In fact, the information which Mr. Elmer 'stole' is from a Cayman bank. So how can Switzerland prosecute Mr. Elmer for an apparent crime he perpetrated in another country?
We are deep in a financial crisis and governments all over the world are throwing around their corporate-cult-speak catchword of the day, 'austerity', while simultaneously shielding the ultra-rich from paying taxes and cutting corporate taxes at the same time. I can tell you, it has never, in the history of humankind, been a better time to be filthy fucking rich, my friends.
I wring my hands in glee, thinking of the media dogging these pilferers and criminals from their yacht clubs to their country clubs to their court dates.
Let the Wikileaks begin!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Does anything fucking work, anymore?

Here is just a quick lowdown of how well the 'system' is set up to work for us. About seven weeks ago, I moved from Canada to Australia. In the process, I had to change a few things in order to keep things running smoothly. I had to put things in storage, let banks know what I was doing, put my job on hold, transfer ownership of my car, you know, that sort of thing. Well, I can assure you, I have had little or no fucking success or customer satisfaction with anything. And I am not exaggerating.
The bank fucked up my bank card, which took a month to get to me, because Fed-ex also fucked up and couldn't make the delivery for some reason that they couldn't explain. In the mean time, my Visa card fucked up, telling me my PIN was no longer valid, and then correcting itself. The car insurance company fucked up, I could not transfer the insurance into my sister's name because... well, I really don't have the time or patience to get into that. ICBC are just total fucking incompetent retards. Now I have to settle this error by phone from Australia. The Lease company has lost all the info that I provided for them before I left, leaving my account delinquent and my credit rating in peril. Meanwhile, they are still trying to take money out of an account that no longer exists. My cable company fucked up, by charging me for equipment that had long been returned. They are still charging me, though I have told them of their error. In the meantime, the internet provider here in Australia has fucked up by changing my PIN and I can no longer access my account. I try to check my email and I cannot access it because my Gmail password no longer works, for reasons unknown. I have to hack into this fucking blog because it was recently swallowed up by Yahoo or something and I can only log in with a new password, which I set up, but doesn't fucking work.
Now, I ask you, what the fuck is wrong with the system? Everything is wrong with the system, my friends! It is breaking down at an alarming rate. Every part of it. It is not designed for us. It is designed for them. And when you try to tell someone this, anyone, you will wait on hold for a fucking hour, listening to Barry fucking Manilow, until you scream bloody fucking murder and curl up in a ball in the corner, sucking your thumb, waiting for the men in the white fucking coats to come and take you away!
 Fuck you, world! Epic Fail!

We stand on guard for thee...

The following is a report detailing how the RCMP was following and spying on people who they deemed to be 'security risks', leading up to the Vancouver 2010 olympics. Considering the RCMP had a billion dollars to play with, they pretty much had carte blanche on whoever they decided might be a problem. When the powers-that-be realised that more than half of the population was against the Games, it must have been easy to sniff out these so-called 'security risks'. Especially when people live in a democracy and tend not to worry too much about what they may have said on Twitter or Facebook. To follow them on the web would have been easy and potentially boring. Wouldn't it be so much more fun and interesting to stake out their homes or workplaces? Think of the possibilities. A billion fucking dollars. They could only burn up a fraction of that in helicopter fuel, so the next logical step would be to do the age old thing, when it comes to acting like a totalitarian military, police state: If there is no enemy of the state, manufacture one. Seriously, a handful of dreadlocked, pot smoking activists, or educated citizens with a genuine bone to pick with the government and their irresponsible actions, suddenly become enemies of the state? I guess in a country that is very placated and peaceful, enemies are deemed to be anyone who even questions the government or the police. Just look at the G20 summit that took place in Toronto in June of last year. This event has a few similarities to the Olympics in February 2010. Both events spent a billion dollars of taxpayer funds on security, both events were unpopular with many citizens, due to gross mismanagement of public funds, and both events were marred by protests attended by an obscene number of police and security personnel, that included agents provocateurs that infiltrated the crowd and caused damage to private and public property. 

Open file for Games activist


A Vancouver software developer who opposed the 2010 Winter Olympics is urging fellow activists to apply for their RCMP surveillance files
Joe Bowser, 31, paid no service charge and received 79 pages by mail on Jan. 10 showing how the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit deemed him a “person of interest,” spied on him and monitored his blog, Tweets and Facebook updates.
“They were afraid of me because I had interests in things,” Bowser said. “My conduit of communicating, for giving them the middle finger, was the Internet.”
The file, which said Bowser had no criminal record, includes copies of his Facebook and Twitter pages. A partly censored June 4, 2009 Joint Intelligence Group report mentioned Bowser was an anarchist who volunteered at Spartacus Books and traveled to hacker and computer security conferences. It also mentioned his Tweets about anti-Olympic publications and criticism of an Olympic journalist’s perceived political bias.

Const. Georges El-Azzi’s report detailed his failed Jan. 19, 2010 attempt to interview Bowser after a four-and-a-half-hour stake-out of Bowser’s Nitobi Software workplace. El-Azzi’s superiors decided Feb. 6, 2010 to take no further action.
“V2010 ISU sought to either confirm or disregard individuals as potential threats to the safety and security of Canadians and visitors to Canada,” RCMP spokesman Sgt. Rob Vermeulen said. “Police have and will continue to use public information or information within the public domain as part of the assessment process.”

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Climate change is a hoax..."

I read an article about a week ago that stated,"there was less discussion about climate change in the international media in 2010, than in any year since the Global Climate Change talks began in Kyoto, in 1997. Was this because, for some reason known only to our creator, climate change had just disappeared and we could continue on down the road of planetary abuse, no longer worrying about greenhouse gases that 'alarmists' like Greenpeace or the IPCC or Al Gore were telling us about?
I mean, who are the IPCC, anyway? Just a bunch of quack scientists with an agenda that they want to impose on our freedom? They sound like a bunch of communists to me. 
There are several reasons why we don't hear that much about climate change anymore. 

“Several journalists have argued that efforts to downplay the significance of climate change resemble the campaign by tobacco lobbyists, after being confronted with new data linking cigarettes to cancer, to shift public perception of the discoveries toward that of a myth, unwarranted claim, or exaggeration rather than mainstream scientific theory.  In 2006, The Guardian discussed similarities in the methods of groups funded byExxon, and those of the tobacco giant Philip Morris, including direct attacks on peer-reviewed science, and attempts to create public controversy and doubt.[10]                                                                                                    Some journalists attribute the government inaction to the effects of climate change denial. However, a recent Angus Reid poll indicates that global warming skepticism in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom has been rising, apparently continuing a trend that has progressed for “months, even years”. There may be multiple causes of this trend, including a focus on economic rather than environmental issues, and a negative perception of the “role the United Nations has played in promoting the global warming issue.” Another cause may be weariness from overexposure to the topic: secondary polls suggest that “many people were turned off by extremists on both sides,” while others show 54% of U.S. voters believe that “the news media make global warming appear worse than it really is.” A poll in 2009 regarding the issue of whether “some scientists have falsified research data to support their own theories and beliefs about global warming” showed that 59% of Americans believed it “at least somewhat likely”, of which 35% believed it is “very likely”.

I also believe that the world economy going down the toilet shifts people's attention away from environmental issues, to economic and financial issues. What a drag for the planet that the world's banks had to go bankrupt because of their own greed and then shift the burden and fallout of that greed, to citizens. And now, here we are, the hottest year on record and, coincidentally, the least reported year. Where do we go from here? There is flooding and droughts of biblical proportions all over the planet, the bees are becoming extinct, taking 25% of fruits and vegetables with them, the price of food will hit record highs this year, causing massive food shortages and sparking global food riots. 

And in Canada, our government's biggest concern is to get an oil pipeline built from the tar sands out to the coast. Oh, I almost forgot. Their second biggest project is to stall global climate change agreements. I think their third and fourth projects are $2 billion in corporate tax cuts and to oppose a national public transportation initiative, maybe not in that order.
Climate change is not a hoax, truth is a hoax.  

12 Apostles

If there ever was a reason to fall to your knees, shouting,"I love you, beautiful world!", this is it.

Glenn Beck, your words are hate crimes.

The following are actual quotes from the mouth of Glenn Beck, ultra-right wing talk show host on FOX. It is scary to think that millions of people (rednecks, racists and gun toting nutters) follow this man's every word. He has, of late, created a firestorm of anger over his comments following the shooting of the people in Arizona, at the Giffords rally. The JSFJ have delivered a 10,000 signature strong petition, that they gathered in just a few days, to FOX news, suggesting that they take him off the air. This man, in my opinion, has stretched the limits of freedom of speech, inciting hatred. There are limits to what people should be allowed to say on public airwaves. These are just a few things Beck said, on air in just 6 months:

• Social justice is a "perversion of the Gospel, not what Jesus was saying". 11 March 2010
• "Charles Darwin is the father of the Holocaust." 20 August 2010
• "We have been sold a lie … that the poor in America are suffering." November 20 2010
• Beck mocks President Obama's daughter Malia and questions her "level of education". He later apologises. 28 May 2010
• Uncle Sam is a "child molester" who is "raping our wallets … and destroying our families". 16 April 2010
• Beck said the prime goal of his coverage of the midterm elections was to "make George Soros cry" which was hard to do as Soros "saw people into gas chambers". 2 November 2010
• "Women are psychos". 20 January 2010
• Putting the "common good" first is the kind of thing that "leads to death camps". 28 May 2010
• "God will wash this nation with blood if he has to." 25 August 2010
There are a litany of angry, hate filled comments from this man, available on line. I don't recommend you read them. It will only serve to enrage you. I defend free speech vehemently but this is obscene. As I was perusing the web for other quotes by this man, I couldn't help but notice that there are a lot of people who think he is a hero. Some compare him to Thomas Paine or Paul Revere. These people scare me. You cannot save these people from their own ignorance and bigotry. What do you do with them? 
Beck even called Obama a "socialist racist, who hates white culture...", and to say that George Soros "saw people to the gas chambers..."' is abhorrent. 
To piss off liberals, homosexuals, African Americans, women, progressives, etc., is one thing, but to enrage Jewish folks is like signing your own death warrant. To make comments, in any context, about the holocaust is just fucking simpleminded and daft. His intent is malicious and his actions are diabolical and he must be removed from public airwaves. His words are hate crimes. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My heart heard the voice and saw you standing there, watching...

                                 DeGraves street, Melbourne
                                I want to ride my bicycle, I want ride my bike.
                               The sandwich possibilities are endless...

Monday, January 10, 2011


Job Creation, American Style

I read this from an NSA posting earlier today. Considering the NSA spends all its' time collecting information on people who 'represent a national security risk', either through their direct or indirect actions within or outside America's borders, this is a new place to spy on the citizens who wish for a better world...

"...The National Security Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers broke ground today on a $1.2 billion data center at Camp W.G. Williams National Guard Post here. The massive, one million square-foot facility currently is the largest U.S. Department of Defense project in the nation.
"This will bring 5,000 to 10,000 new jobs during the construction and development phase," Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said at the event. "Once completed, it will support 100 to 200 permanent, high-paid employees." 

Well, that's it, then. In a time of international recession, I guess these fucking traitorous soldiers of 'freedom and security' can at least provide a few jobs to the very wretches they will be spying on. Maybe they will bug the work site to catch some illegal aliens. It is Utah, after all.

Letter to Rafe Mair:

As usual, Mr. Mair, you say exactly what I am thinking. No other columnist in this province has the balls to say what you do. Well, they can't. Let's face it, we have a media in B.C. that is bought and paid for by corporate interests. I am still absolutely disgusted by the lack of any inquiry into the sale of BC Rail. All these criminals that call themselves public servants are a disgrace and of course these MLAs do not want an enquiry because they will all have their day in court and we will find out that Collins, Campbell, Clark and friends, had their fingers in the cookie jar.
 I have never been so disillusioned with BC politics. And now, once again, we are faced with an army of idiots and incompetence to  choose from, at election time.
It is no wonder the NDP cannot find a decent candidate. The party has become an absolute embarrassing joke under the tutelage of Carol James. I mean, seriously, Ms. James, I have never seen a more ineffective politician in all my life. If Ms. James could not capitalise off of the criminal and extreme ideology of the BC Liberals, then she has no place in politics. And then to try to hang on, even after it became plainly obvious that nobody wanted her to stay on as party leader, she, once again, buried her head in the proverbial sand.
I cannot think of one person that has been paraded in front of us as a possible leadership candidate, that would be even half decent.
The NDP and the Liberals are a complete wash. And where are the Greens in all this?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Way Out Spencer

in this place
We are stuck here
Lost together
Makes good cookies
Good looking
I'm hooked on that smile
A kangaroo crosses the road
Just to get to the other side
It's wide, open spaces
It is the places we remember
We teach each other
We reach for another
A tryst, is this place
We win, again
It never ends
This game
That we

All you need is love,
Love is all you need.

China: The other white meat...

The following excerpt is from a Wikileaks cable. It is a quote from Zhang Jiazhe, some Chinese dude that knows shit about China and makes it abundantly clear that the reason China doesn't like to do business in South America is because they care about workers' human rights and the environment, which is obviously not that much of a concern in China. It's tough being a dictatorship these days, ain't that right, China?

the bigger problem for China in Latin America right now, said the scholars, is its image among the local population. Zhang [Zhang Jiazhe, Vice Director of the Center for Developing Countries Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences] said competition from Chinese imports, like textiles and shoes, is creating negative feelings towards China among countries with large low-end manufacturing industries, mentioning Mexico as an example. There is also a perception in Latin America that Chinese investors are like ‘locusts,’ extracting minerals and natural resources and leaving very little of lasting value behind, said the scholars. Chinese companies, on the other hand, find it difficult to invest in Latin America, according to Niu [Niu Haibin, Deputy Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies]. Chinese companies complain about strong labor unions and cultural conflicts in Latin America, including a ‘different work ethic’ between Latin American workers and Chinese workers, said Niu. Chinese companies thus prefer to import workers from China for projects in Latin America, often at the cost of local resentment.”

So, they like to bring their own workers with them. The companies just fell better doing it that way. Less fuss. I can't understand why those lazy Latinos would be so upset that those foreign corporations would come to their country, rape the environment, and then not even offer anyone a fuckin' job? 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Listen up, Children! You've been Naughty.

I read a full page article in a daily newspaper here in Melbourne today. It was a message to, presumably, anyone who would read it and not think for themselves. It was a message from all the big retailers here in Australia. David Jones, Target, Meyer and all the other crap stores that peddle crap. It stated that sales were down this year at Christmas due to the high amount of online shopping, or "internet shopping", as they called it, like it was 1996 or something.
They said that people were doing all their shopping online and that foreign corporations were taking money out of the local economy, taking food out of the mouths of Australian babies, killing much needed jobs, blah, blah, blah...
These are all the old arguments coming from a tired, old system that is too lazy or scared to change. See music, television, movie, newspaper, book industry for this plea for things to stay the same. These people do not want change because they like to operate within the same old paradigms that have worked for generations. If not for the customer.
Now, if these assholes really cared about the jobs of the people who work for them, they would manufacture their shit right here but they outsourced all that labour offshore decades ago, to countries where workers have little or no human rights that those same workers enjoyed here for generations.
Then I read that they want the government to impose GST on all online overseas purchases for small items.
When is the last time you heard a corporation asking a government to impose a tax? Taxes are like Kryptonite to these greedy bastards and now they want to slap a tax on you and me, their customers. They would scream bloody murder if the government wanted to raise the already ridiculously low taxes on their shipments of crap from China that they try to sell to us at inflated prices that they already have a bulk discount on due to their high volume buying power. Small business and the street level consumer do not enjoy this same freedom.
Instead of spending millions of dollars on campaigns to convince people that they don't know what is good for them, why don't these assholes spend some money in their community? Or on wages for the poor saps that work for them, within or outside Australian borders?
These old time, top heavy, behemoths are going to topple under their own stupidity and greed. Do they have any idea how ridiculous this campaign looks and sounds?
So now, here we are, in the 21st century and we open a newspaper, to read million dollar, full page ads, telling us that it is almost dangerous or illegal to try to find the best product at the best price. And if it isn't, it should be. Then you go to the movie theatre and you have to endure some asshole warning you that downloading movies is illegal, after you have paid $18 and sat through 20 minutes of commercials and are still waiting for the movie to start that you PAID for. Then you have to sit through ad campaigns on the TV about stealing or copying TV shows, between the endless rounds of commercials that you have to endure while trying to watch a show that you PAID for.
What the fuck is wrong with these insatiable, insufferable bastards? Are we an audience of imbeciles?
The government tells us that we can't handle the truth, therefore the truth should be criminalised. Now we are being told that the only people that can save money are the people that basically have a license to print it anyway.
I wish this campaign would backfire on these unscrupulous corporations who know no boundaries. They should be publicly shamed for their insolence. Are we not tired of being treated like a nation of 6 year olds?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wikileaks reveals that Sea Shepherd is a thorn in the side of Japan.

Wikileaks has revealed that the Japanese government views Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as a very serious threat to their illegal whaling activities. In a classified U.S. Department of State document released byWikileaks to the El Pais newspaper in Spain, the Japanese Deputy General Director for the Japanese Fisheries Agency Mr. Yamashita, pointed out that “the harassment of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society had kept the Japanese whaling fleet from reaching its quotas these last few years.”
There it is! For all the critics who have been saying the anti-whaling campaigns have not been effective, Sea Shepherd holds the same position as the Japanese Fisheries Agency that the campaigns have been very effective, so effective in fact that Sea Shepherd has been discussed in high-level talks by Japanese government representatives with the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Wikileaks has also revealed that the Australian Federal Government has been lying to the Australian people, telling them that they are against the Japanese whalers, while secretly colluding with the Japanese and American Governments to set some kind of a 'quota' for the amount of whales to be killed each year.
Hello! Fuckers! Whaling has been banned under the international IWC since 1984. It should be a quota of ZERO.