Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Requiem for the true believers in Revolution

Sensibility is a vague trapping of the comfortable
Those with the time to think and not have to fight
and kill for a shred of self respect
or their next meal
A feeling of the way things ought to be
or ought not to be, you decide
which side you are on?
well... come on
If you have time for education
you have time for reflection and manipulation
Of the facts, of the tracks on which the train of bullshit runs upon
A little time in solitary confinement
will curb your desire to change things
Priorities will be decided by taxes and riot cops
The swift baton of reality will smash you on the skull
and make you recoil in fear
maybe next time you will consider not going
to the polls, to the soil, to the streets
Am I repeating, myself, again?
I always wear myself and others out
on the road to indictment
It is the excitement, that I crave
I'm not brave, just rogue and ecstatic, democratic even
I want to shove flowers in the guns
I want to be a fugitive on the run
from those who want to give chase and make haste
which seems like everyone
these days
Except the ones who are hiding in the walls and the malls
They are invisible but everywhere I turn
They get in the way of my plan
of understanding and demanding
what is expected from the ones we trusted
with the farm and to do no harm
Like art, it fell apart in shards, a house of cards
I always call a spade when I see one
It gets us into trouble
but a lot less
than the collateral damage that is families
that are piling up
on our doorstep.

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