Sunday, October 17, 2010

letting go...

This is my place
This place holds my secrets 
my trust
my hopes in the physical world
This room is where I find myself
when I feel like I am lost
And this room is where I sleep
and dream and love
This one is where I prepare the meals
This room is where we live
this one is where we sit
and talk to one another
The flames of the fire warm us
the light from computer screens
light the room and faces sometimes
Facts thrown about the place
guesses, riddles, queries and questions
judgments told and opinions sold.
There are no critics here
not even ourselves
All the memories passing us by
We could hear all those bands playing
across the water from the park
the kind of place where the trees cradle the street
giving shade or color or comfort or oxygen
I hope it is our generation
that tells them to go fuck themselves
We leave town for a while
We find the room for miles
in our lives
In the way in which it is here
we act accordingly
and suck each other in for love
Just trying to be human
There is no book on this
Only time can sober us up
from the reality of the truth
We find our youth
in the rooms of this house...
It takes a mouth

to say what you mean

We have walked a long road to get here
Sometimes seems crazy to run

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