Saturday, October 16, 2010

from comments section on TED talks...

your wife will leave you, your friends will distance themselves, you'll hear platitudes, you'll be fired, you'll black out during the day, you'll feel deeply exhausted, you'll want to sleep for a million years, you'll feel 50 years older, you'll wonder when the last day will be, you'll feel alone, you'll feel sad, you'll feel lost, you'll feel pain, you'll know fear, you'll know there are no medicines, there is no surgery; there is no cure, you will die. 

You will understand. You will be free.

- I am terminal cancer.

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  1. I don't know why you quoted my comment from TED, I can only hope that somehow someone will understand the comment, really understand it.

    I should point out that it was in response to a "we can all survive cancer", and write a book and all be winners.

    That said, the comment, is believe it or not, not a depressing statement.

    Many thing enter and leave your life, which will change depending on your age and outlook and experience, all I hope is that you have the fullest of lives and die knowing that you not lead one just life but many. I hope so.