Monday, October 25, 2010

Darwinism in its' finest hour...

Polk County, FL.
Turkey Hunter Mistakenly Shoots, Kills Camouflaged Man In Tree. A camouflaged hunter sitting in a tree was accidentally shot and killed Friday by another hunter trying to shoot a turkey, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Investigators said Michael Shane Hasting, 40, was hunting with his 6-year-old son at the River Ranch Acres Hunt Club Friday and spotted a turkey. Hasting fired at the turkey and moved forward to see if he hit the bird. He then discovered that he accidentally shot Randall Williamson of Pompano Beach. Williamson was in the wooded area sitting in what is known as a squatter's chair and wearing camouflage clothing and mesh over his face, according to a Polk County sheriff's news release. He was also holding a camouflage shotgun...

Animal Liberation Front hits a few Vancouver locations...

Hey kids! Don't try this at home.

What can I say? Cruelty rewarded. 

a homeless man stands outside Whole Foods...

A man stands
the rain falls mercilessly
A box contains  a cornucopia
of discarded items
from real people
with jobs and cars and debt
a crisis of cold crept in
some time ago
like an october morning fog
He can still read
But what?
What most people care about
means nothing to him
not now
not here
Hates eye contact
save for a flash of teeth
a flip of the hair
despair, left long ago
replaced by a dull ache
of knowing
no dreams

know dreams

Sunday, October 17, 2010

letting go...

This is my place
This place holds my secrets 
my trust
my hopes in the physical world
This room is where I find myself
when I feel like I am lost
And this room is where I sleep
and dream and love
This one is where I prepare the meals
This room is where we live
this one is where we sit
and talk to one another
The flames of the fire warm us
the light from computer screens
light the room and faces sometimes
Facts thrown about the place
guesses, riddles, queries and questions
judgments told and opinions sold.
There are no critics here
not even ourselves
All the memories passing us by
We could hear all those bands playing
across the water from the park
the kind of place where the trees cradle the street
giving shade or color or comfort or oxygen
I hope it is our generation
that tells them to go fuck themselves
We leave town for a while
We find the room for miles
in our lives
In the way in which it is here
we act accordingly
and suck each other in for love
Just trying to be human
There is no book on this
Only time can sober us up
from the reality of the truth
We find our youth
in the rooms of this house...
It takes a mouth

to say what you mean

We have walked a long road to get here
Sometimes seems crazy to run

Saturday, October 16, 2010

from comments section on TED talks...

your wife will leave you, your friends will distance themselves, you'll hear platitudes, you'll be fired, you'll black out during the day, you'll feel deeply exhausted, you'll want to sleep for a million years, you'll feel 50 years older, you'll wonder when the last day will be, you'll feel alone, you'll feel sad, you'll feel lost, you'll feel pain, you'll know fear, you'll know there are no medicines, there is no surgery; there is no cure, you will die. 

You will understand. You will be free.

- I am terminal cancer.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey, Harper. Pay attention. It's free.

The Harper Conservatives have dragged this country to an all-time low when it comes to world public opinion. Do these arrogant sociopaths really think the other world leaders that have had sand kicked in their faces by Canada, will really be bought off with shitty beer and maple fucking syrup? Take a lesson from the Japanese, Harper. You need hookers and cash to get what you want in this world. (see- International Whaling Commission meeting in Morocco earlier this year)
This country has tied medical aid to pro-life principals in third world countries, abandoned the Kyoto Protocol, come out in glowing support of the state of Israel, caused untold grief in Afghanistan and a myriad of other regressive, draconian policies that are bound to raise the eyre of anyone with any hope of moving this savage world out of the stone age and into an age of relative peace and prosperity. 
The world has had enough of these Bush-era, cowboy stances on foreign policy. Like abandoning African states in favor of Latin America because Canada has gold in them thar hills. Or oil. Or whatever it is that this greedy country needs to satiate its' appetite for destruction.
We lost the UN Security Council bid because we are out of touch with MOST of the rest of the world. And they have just let us know. Are we listening? Harper? You fuck. 

Hey, Canada. All your bullshit doesn't go unnoticed.

Hurray! Canada loses security council seat -- and the world has Harper's number
OCTOBER 12, 2010

Stephen Harper's death bed repentance regarding his hostile attitude towards the UN apparently didn't fool enough delegations to get the suddenly coveted Security Council seat. (Teeny Portugal got 113 votes to Canada's 78.) This bodes well for the United Nations for if Canada, with its long list of offensive, reactionary and perverse stands on issues had been rewarded for its behaviour, one would have to wonder if the UN really is corrupt.

It is amusing to think back on the trajectory that this misanthrope of a Prime Minister has followed on the UN and the Security Council seat. Like so much else about government, Harper has a visceral hatred of everything about the social democratic and liberal state. His goal has always been to dismantle the activist state and turn it into a dumbed down, minimalist institution consisting of the military, the police (and prisons), CSIS, and the Bank of Canada. Everything else, in Harper's fantasy world, would be handled by the private sector.

But Harper's anger has always gotten the better of him. The man has little impulse control and if you want to accomplish anything in politics -- even dismantling the government -- you have to be strategic and you have to have good judgment. Harper has demonstrated time and again that he cannot abide compromise or biding his time. It has severely hampered his agenda and prevented him from achieving a majority government.

For virtually all of political life he has been openly contemptuous of human rights and showed little but disdain for the United Nations and everything it stands for -- peacekeeping, poverty reduction, health protection, bio-diversity, climate action. That was true of George Bush, too, but Bush (or his brain trust) finally figured out that it was much more effective to try to dominate the UN and use it for U.S. imperial goals than simply to rant and rave about it.

Harper is a late comer to the strategy - thank goodness. His efforts at the UN a few weeks back were laughable, except that his speeches served to remind of us of all the rotten positions Canada has taken in recent years. His initiative on maternal health was also too little, too late. Even here, he couldn't resist sullying his effort by tossing a bone to his anti-abortion supporters.

Part of the defeat (we can't know for sure with secret balloting) was almost certainly Canada's offensive and unsupportable position regarding Israel and the Palestinians. I would bet that every Arab and Muslim country voted against Canada. This is the moment when Harper's comment about the Israeli vicious invasion of Lebanon -- a "measured response" -- has finally come back to bite him. I wonder how he likes being measured himself. Even children learn that there are consequences to their actions -- something Harper still cannot accept.

The humiliating rejection of Canada's bid provides a unique opening for civil society organizations working on issues embraced by the UN. Activists now have to move quickly to take advantage -- on bio-diversity, asbestos, Palestinian rights, and on Indigenous rights, the right to water, poverty reduction and climate change -- exposing the now undeniable fact that Canada's policies on these fronts and others have gained us the status as recalcitrant, reactionary state.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We are the smartest animals on this planet.

take your chances.


I love this town.

One fine October in Vancity...

It makes you want to crave life. 
we went the distance that there was to go
We let our voices be heard
We sang songs along the way
We had lights that reflected in the wet night
music that could be heard from a distance
inspired you to get moving
and doing something that 
one day, your children will be proud of you for
And they will be able to connect with you
in some way
For now