Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Letter to Ed Porter, DFO:

Dear Mr. Ed Porter, Federal Minister of Fisheries,
As a resident of British Columbia and a former commercial fisher, I am dismayed and appalled by your government's decision to essentially allow foreign owned aquaculture corporations who have a dismal track record when it comes to environmental regulation, police themselves. To grant a salmon farm lease a tenure to operate in our waters without an environmental assessment, is ludicrous, at best. 
We already have relaxed environmental regulations in our forests and our mines, due to the lack of stewardship by our provincial government. And now we can look forward to foreign corporations running roughshod in our oceans. 
With our Federal and Provincial Governments doing away with all the environmental regulations and allowing these destructive giants to destroy our heritage and resources, I have two questions for you, sir.
Do you have children or grandchildren and what are we leaving for them?
I hope you think about that, as your government gives away some more Canada.
Sincerely, Tony Durke.

The Federal government, along with being ideologically driven, fundamentalist, Earth-killing, Christian soldiers, is literally giving away the farm to aquaculture corporations. If you vote for these mutherfuckers next time, you are evil or stupid or both. 

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