Saturday, September 18, 2010

Obama, where are you?

Michael Tomasky stays well within his comfort zone with his criticism of the Tea Party phenomenon (The US Republicans have created a Frankenstein monster, 17 September). Not for him to point out where the movement is most obviously inconsistent. It takes America's "dissident" Republican, Rep Ron Paul from Texas, to do so. He points out the inherent contradictions in being against big government at home, while supporting it abroad, in financing more than 700 military bases in over 120 countries by borrowing and printing money; and in cutting a few thousand dollars from an inner-city swimming pool, while turning a blind eye to a Pentagon defence budget that nearly equals those of the rest of the world combined.

In other words, both President Obama and the Tea Party are part of the problem rather than the solution.

Yugo Kovach

Friday, September 17, 2010

An army of idiots

When it is time to laugh, it is time to cry
the theories of love and death and battle
come to dominate the public sphere
and demand all that we have got
and run us all ragged with stories
of theft and lust and trust, broken
it's the dust that gets in the eyes
when all else fails to adjust
it is a sign of the times
new Roman
A pax of celebrity and fear
and misguided expectations
from your living room window
you watch
it all go down

...from the files of Alexandra Morton:

From a blustery North Pacific morning.  The Fraser sockeye have finally passed Northern Vancouver Island and are heading for their spawning grounds throughout the Fraser watershed. They will feed 60% of the BC province, they have already given towns along the coast $100,000s, returning hope and prosperity to towns abandoned by our governments.  But as Dr. Randall Peterman, chairman US/Canadian Pacific Salmon Commission states in the Vancouver Sun today,this year was miraculously positive, but one year does not make a trend.  The Fraser sockeye have demonstrated in no uncertain terms that they are capable of thriving amongst us. They are up to the challenge of living with humanity! Now it is entirely up to us if we want this to continue.  We have to know why so many returned this year after an 18 year decline in productivity.

Remarkably, we have just the mechanism already underway, the Cohen Commission.  I am in this inquiry and I cannot state strongly enough that Judge Cohen must hear from all of you.  He is making a significant effort by traveling throughout the Province before the hearings begin.  Please consider showing up at these meetings. 

Victoria - Sept. 16,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm Hotel Grand Pacific (Vancouver Island Ballroom) 463 Belleville St.
New Westminster - Sept. 20,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm Inn at the Quay (Hyak Rm North) 900 Quayside
Prince George - Sept 23,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm  Ramada Inn (Cranbrook S. Centre), 444 George St.
Chilliwack -  Sept 29,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm  Coast Chilliwack Hotel (Rosedale AB)  45920 1st Ave.
Kamloops - Oct. 21,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm Coast Canadian Hotel (Collonade Rm)  339 St. Paul St. 

Come to one of these meetings and yell at someone. If you are tired of this government and its' cronies raping nature for profit, show up and say something that makes security throw you out. Don't yell at anyone who is on the side of salmon or the environment, for God sakes. But there will probably be some representatives there from industry. Show the angry hippie side. Do it. Do it.
Just sayin'...

vancouver september

 sunset looking at the north shore mountains

   sunrise driving down marine drive, on the way to the studio

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Buy art, buy happiness...


That prick, Kevin Falcon, is reinstating some of the arts funding here in BC, after the arts community kicked him in the balls publicly. Fucking BC Liberals. $600 million for a retractable roof over the soccer stadium but not $9 million for A years worth of arts grants? They also tried to tie some olympic spirit legacy bullshit to the funding that was left. Yeah right. Not now. Not never. 
So, with that in mind, I am having an art show to celebrate the funding restoration. Assholes.

Friday, September 10, 2010

water signs

The birds gather with one another on the wires. There is chatter. And summer days. No matter how fleeting. It gives us reason to seize it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the pig farmer - pickton docudrama
airs on sep 9/11 from 9 to 11 EST (crazy coincidence of numbers or conspiracy?) on CTV.
world premier styles.

typical.... CTV has re-edited it (to lie) and Academy award winning documentary director Malcom Clarke's name is completely absent from the press material. Malcom is rumoured to have walked away from his executive producer title in order to avoid having to cover up the true story we uncovered back in nov-december of 2007. CTV refused to air the film as malcom told it. we had spent two months of interviews, and 2 weeks of docudrama reconstructions spearheaded by Malcom himself

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lund. Labour Day. 2010

Time passes
Time heals
Love is the thing
that heals
Friends are love
without them, we fall
without them, we are small
in the universe of stars
and fractals
and deserted villages
When a friend dies
we all have lost 
a part of ourselves
And time will pass
for us to find hope again
we look for the signs
that have been left for us
Friends are what have been left
We are each other

Letter to Ed Porter, DFO:

Dear Mr. Ed Porter, Federal Minister of Fisheries,
As a resident of British Columbia and a former commercial fisher, I am dismayed and appalled by your government's decision to essentially allow foreign owned aquaculture corporations who have a dismal track record when it comes to environmental regulation, police themselves. To grant a salmon farm lease a tenure to operate in our waters without an environmental assessment, is ludicrous, at best. 
We already have relaxed environmental regulations in our forests and our mines, due to the lack of stewardship by our provincial government. And now we can look forward to foreign corporations running roughshod in our oceans. 
With our Federal and Provincial Governments doing away with all the environmental regulations and allowing these destructive giants to destroy our heritage and resources, I have two questions for you, sir.
Do you have children or grandchildren and what are we leaving for them?
I hope you think about that, as your government gives away some more Canada.
Sincerely, Tony Durke.

The Federal government, along with being ideologically driven, fundamentalist, Earth-killing, Christian soldiers, is literally giving away the farm to aquaculture corporations. If you vote for these mutherfuckers next time, you are evil or stupid or both.