Sunday, August 22, 2010

Posted from the great Alexandra Morton's site...

If you are anywhere in BC you can feel the economic and ecological powerhouse of the 2010 legendary Fraser Sockeye return.  Towns the length of the province from the coast to deep into the interior are feeling the benefits of food fishing, commercial fishing, wilderness tourism and sport fishing, because of this generous fish. The local newspapers are abuzz. Scientists could not forecast this enormous run because they don’t know what caused last year’s collapse.  They were protecting fishermen from over-spending on new gear, but now the processors are unprepared.  We are running-blind on one of BC’s greatest resources. For more information on the 2010 Sockeye: I am joining First Nations and many others in a paddle down part of the Fraser River to Vancouver, where we will walk in solidarity for our wild salmon to once again tell politicians we want these fish to survive!

Alexandra Morton is a fighting force in this province of people who have long ago abandoned the wilderness and its' species. She fights for the salmon. She fights for you. Asshole.

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