Monday, August 9, 2010

Make it stop!

"Canadians are like children. They should be seen and not heard."
                             Canadian Psycho.


I hate to pick on our beleaguered federal government so much but with these assholes, it's like shooting the broad side of a barn with a machine gun firing basketballs. 
There was a recent Ekos poll taken and the Conservatives have fallen to their lowest approval rating, a mere 29%, since 2006. They are basically tied with the Libs, who are garnering a strong 28.5%. To lose this much ground to a party that is led by a boring, elitist wanker like Inatieff, says that you really are fucking boring too. And that is the state of Canadian politics right now. A right wing dictator does whatever the fuck he wants because the opposition is a pathetic horde of uninspiring dullards. 
The reason for the drop in the ratings is not because the arrogant Conservatives have given yet another tax cut to the rich, or even that they acted like total twats during the G20 meetings and subsequent riots in June. 
People in this country always decide to take a stand on some seemingly meaningless issue. The issue this time is the long form census. This census is given out to one in five households during census time. Many untold groups in this country use the information collected here to make all sorts of policy decisions, from healthcare to education to consumer trends. Whatever. What the government is saying when they say they want to scrap the census is,"we don't fucking care what Canadians have to say." And that is what this government seems to say to almost anything. The majority of Canadians are tired of doors being slammed in their faces by their own government, that they voted in. Well, 37.5% of us voted them in. I won't say where all the votes came from but I can assure you they did not come from Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal. 
They lost a lot of the precious few votes they do get in Vancouver, with their ideological legal fight to shut down the safe injection site on the downtown east side. Harper has never even been down there to see what is happening at street level. He would rather judge the situation from his ivory tower or from his church pew. If he bothered to look, he would notice that it is mostly churches who have taken up the fight to speak for these marginalized people. If he even followed one tenet of the man he claims to worship, shutting down a safe injection site would be the last thing on his mind. The real reason for trying to shut the site down is that Harper sucks the dick of uncle Sam and if uncle Sam wants the site closed, then closed it will be.
The educated and productive classes in this country have heard about enough American rhetoric from this sociopath government in bad sweaters with bad hair. 
Just the other day, we hear another ludicrous outburst from Stockwell Day, the minister in charge of God-knows-what, claiming that Canada needs to follow the American model and privatize the penal system and build a lot more prisons.
I guess old Stockwell didn't check the fact that crime rates have been on the wane for more than 20 years. When asked to justify his request for more prisons, Day said,'...there has been a rise in unreported crime...". What a tool.
The reason for more prisons is that, with the new Tory crime bill that will criminalize almost everything and make penalties much harsher, there will be a lot more criminals suddenly. 
I mean, nobody wants to see people get away with murder but there is no evidence that a vengeance based penal system is more productive or more of a deterrent than a system that is based more on rehabilitation, or at least a system that shows mercy. I know, all you corporal punishment supporters are calling me a bleeding heart liberal or whatever but I don't care.
There are other reasons, too, for people tiring of this government.
They are anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-free speech. They have buried their collective heads in the sand when it comes to climate change, preferring the do-nothing approach, while continuing the millions in subsidies to oil companies. Hell, they just awarded a huge contract in the Arctic to BP, the most fucking irresponsible corporation in the world. The other players are Exxon and Shell. Those two companies have never caused any damage, have they?
This is only a few reasons why the people of Canada have had enough of these ideologically driven douche bags.
But the census put us over the edge. Because when you really say,"we don't give a shit", then you are done. 
Now all we need is for the testicle free opposition to actually fucking OPPOSE something and we may find ourselves 'throwing the bastards out.'

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