Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the Creek and Love...

finds its way
gets lost in the day
turns around
and goes the other way
tells a story
learns from its mistakes
that it makes
along the way
it is new
or the same
as yesterday
different tomorrow
we borrow
from each other
and give it back

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Posted from the great Alexandra Morton's site...

If you are anywhere in BC you can feel the economic and ecological powerhouse of the 2010 legendary Fraser Sockeye return.  Towns the length of the province from the coast to deep into the interior are feeling the benefits of food fishing, commercial fishing, wilderness tourism and sport fishing, because of this generous fish. The local newspapers are abuzz. Scientists could not forecast this enormous run because they don’t know what caused last year’s collapse.  They were protecting fishermen from over-spending on new gear, but now the processors are unprepared.  We are running-blind on one of BC’s greatest resources. For more information on the 2010 Sockeye: http://www.salmonaresacred.org/2010-sockeye-return I am joining First Nations and many others in a paddle down part of the Fraser River to Vancouver, where we will walk in solidarity for our wild salmon to once again tell politicians we want these fish to survive!http://www.salmonaresacred.org/paddle-wild-salmon

Alexandra Morton is a fighting force in this province of people who have long ago abandoned the wilderness and its' species. She fights for the salmon. She fights for you. Asshole.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Make it stop!

"Canadians are like children. They should be seen and not heard."
                             Canadian Psycho.


I hate to pick on our beleaguered federal government so much but with these assholes, it's like shooting the broad side of a barn with a machine gun firing basketballs. 
There was a recent Ekos poll taken and the Conservatives have fallen to their lowest approval rating, a mere 29%, since 2006. They are basically tied with the Libs, who are garnering a strong 28.5%. To lose this much ground to a party that is led by a boring, elitist wanker like Inatieff, says that you really are fucking boring too. And that is the state of Canadian politics right now. A right wing dictator does whatever the fuck he wants because the opposition is a pathetic horde of uninspiring dullards. 
The reason for the drop in the ratings is not because the arrogant Conservatives have given yet another tax cut to the rich, or even that they acted like total twats during the G20 meetings and subsequent riots in June. 
People in this country always decide to take a stand on some seemingly meaningless issue. The issue this time is the long form census. This census is given out to one in five households during census time. Many untold groups in this country use the information collected here to make all sorts of policy decisions, from healthcare to education to consumer trends. Whatever. What the government is saying when they say they want to scrap the census is,"we don't fucking care what Canadians have to say." And that is what this government seems to say to almost anything. The majority of Canadians are tired of doors being slammed in their faces by their own government, that they voted in. Well, 37.5% of us voted them in. I won't say where all the votes came from but I can assure you they did not come from Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal. 
They lost a lot of the precious few votes they do get in Vancouver, with their ideological legal fight to shut down the safe injection site on the downtown east side. Harper has never even been down there to see what is happening at street level. He would rather judge the situation from his ivory tower or from his church pew. If he bothered to look, he would notice that it is mostly churches who have taken up the fight to speak for these marginalized people. If he even followed one tenet of the man he claims to worship, shutting down a safe injection site would be the last thing on his mind. The real reason for trying to shut the site down is that Harper sucks the dick of uncle Sam and if uncle Sam wants the site closed, then closed it will be.
The educated and productive classes in this country have heard about enough American rhetoric from this sociopath government in bad sweaters with bad hair. 
Just the other day, we hear another ludicrous outburst from Stockwell Day, the minister in charge of God-knows-what, claiming that Canada needs to follow the American model and privatize the penal system and build a lot more prisons.
I guess old Stockwell didn't check the fact that crime rates have been on the wane for more than 20 years. When asked to justify his request for more prisons, Day said,'...there has been a rise in unreported crime...". What a tool.
The reason for more prisons is that, with the new Tory crime bill that will criminalize almost everything and make penalties much harsher, there will be a lot more criminals suddenly. 
I mean, nobody wants to see people get away with murder but there is no evidence that a vengeance based penal system is more productive or more of a deterrent than a system that is based more on rehabilitation, or at least a system that shows mercy. I know, all you corporal punishment supporters are calling me a bleeding heart liberal or whatever but I don't care.
There are other reasons, too, for people tiring of this government.
They are anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-free speech. They have buried their collective heads in the sand when it comes to climate change, preferring the do-nothing approach, while continuing the millions in subsidies to oil companies. Hell, they just awarded a huge contract in the Arctic to BP, the most fucking irresponsible corporation in the world. The other players are Exxon and Shell. Those two companies have never caused any damage, have they?
This is only a few reasons why the people of Canada have had enough of these ideologically driven douche bags.
But the census put us over the edge. Because when you really say,"we don't give a shit", then you are done. 
Now all we need is for the testicle free opposition to actually fucking OPPOSE something and we may find ourselves 'throwing the bastards out.'

Canada! Fuck yeah!

The Federal Government, ie; the Harper Conservatives, have just let it be known that we Canadians will be spending $10 billion on 65 new f-35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin. This is the company that brought the world the Trident missile. Just ask anyone in Iraq how fucking effective at killing other human beings the Trident is. Or the F-16, Hercules, Orion, etc., etc. While researching the stellar 'products' of Lockheed Martin, I was astounded to find out that there is awards to be won for producing the most effective weapon of war. Can you imagine an auditorium full of people vying for awards being given out for the most productive product that can kill the most people in one go? It turns out that Lockheed Martin has won many such awards and I bet they are really proud of that.
The contract was not tendered. It was through what is called a sole source contract. I am not sure what this weapons contractor did to get such a good deal from Canadian taxpayers but down in the U.S., they are known for lining the pockets of people in power, contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to campaigns. In fact, they give more than all the other defense contractors. Just saying...

And I hear that fucking asshole, Tony Clement saying that the Liberals had the whole deal set up as early as 2001. The Liberals are known for a lot of bullshit but overt military spending is not one of them. They know that most Canadians (outside Alberta and small towns in other provinces) don't have much of an appetite for war. Hell, most Canadians wrong-headedly believe that Canada is still a peace-keeping nation, parachuting into troubled nations and handing out popsicles and democracy. 
I think that this new wave of Canadian military expenditures is for many reasons. And here are just a few of them:

1. The Harper conservatives are embarrassed by Canadians' distaste for firing weapons at poor, oppressed people around the world. The Americans seem to have no problem with this kind of aggressive military action and Harper wonders why Canada isn't involved in more conflicts with third world nations. All in the name of democracy, of course. I think they call it 'freedom'.

2. There is no better way to say,"I love you", like buying weapons from someone. Especially if that someone has repeatedly made overtures that you are a 'pussy', a 'commie', a chickenshit'. I think Canada suffers an extreme inferiority complex when it comes to our brothers to the South. One way to remedy that is to go to war alongside them. Brothers in arms, if you will. Harper wanted so fucking badly to involve Canada in the Iraq war in 2003, when he was leader of the opposition, that he was publicly chastising Canadians for their stance. He was out of touch then and he is still out of touch.

3. "...increased Russian bomber and fighter activity." Really? There are reports lately about Russia exerting influence over the Arctic, with increased tactical missions into the Arctic circle. This, coupled with all the stupid fucking hype about Russian spies, means that the spin doctors are hard at work trying to create a threat that is just not there. What, the fucking terrorist stories are getting old? What about the drug lords? The Chinese? The North Koreans? Iran? There has to be an enemy, or at least a perceived enemy, to justify all this spending on weapons of war. What about Denmark? I hear the Danes are angling for a piece of the Arctic pie! Take that, Copenhagen! Never mind that the fucking Conservatives have denied climate change completely and the Ice caps are melting. Instead of working on that, they are going to buy war planes to bomb or attack anyone who tries to trespass in our newly-thawed waters. That's just good public relations, people!

4. The contract to build the warplanes is $9 billion but the maintenance and upgrades and other shit is going to cost an additional $7 billion. $16 billion fucking dollars for war weapons and the government is telling us we are taking 'austerity' measures because of the global economic meltdown. I am surprised we even heard about this program because all the defense spending is legislated into secrecy because of bullshit national security laws. A vast amount of public money is funneled into the coffers of the government and then is unceremoniously spent, in secret, on weapons and personnel and we are not privy to this information because it is confidential. Sounds like a license to print blood money, if you ask me. 

5. To do what the Federal Liberals have not been able to do: Pull the country together in a time of a real or perceived threat. It seems as though the government wants to relive 9/11 as if it were our tragedy. Most of us know that America was attacked and not our nation of hockey and apologies but the government tries to use this horrific event to stir fear and emotion from us. And they use it to justify our continued existence in the mission in Afghanistan. Though, the reasons for war often change throughout the course of a battle, there is always a reason given for continued occupation. At the end of the day, that reason is to fire weapons. Because, who is going to make money from that? Unfortunately, human beings are the collateral damage as a result.

6. War is a very difficult thing, ethically, morally and culturally. Each and every country and society has a different take on war and what it means to engage in warfare. The percentage of people that believe that war is not the answer, no matter what, has grown quite drastically in a short time. Future generations may eventually disregard war altogether as a final means to settle a disagreement. I guess mutually assured destruction started us on the course for that. Fear of total wipe-out is the only thing that can warn us away from each other. For now, anyway. And I guess that having 65 F-35's improves your chances, somehow, of becoming one of the tougher kids on the block. I always hated those fucking kids.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

nahatlatch bachelor rafter

Cold water takes breath away
the roar is audible and palpable
clench paddles and teeth
as we come upon a crest
we find our way around it
the fall is more than the climb
this time, spared
save for those who have dived
into the cold, emergency water
Trees and walls of rock
pass by the raft
Rocks pass beneath
The stories will follow
The water continues
we continue
All of us
on and on

Monday, August 2, 2010

We did the best we could...

Oh, death comes to town
you never see
what it means to me
nobody can hold me down
tell me the way it is
the place where I belong
a bar or meeting of people on time
for anything scheduled
to be there
no matter what
we were expected to share
made to be men
learned what it was 
to learn
runaways home every night
desperation and fire being
the only constant
and tears and trying
and fears and crying
that makes you stronger
if it doesn't kill you
it makes a good story