Thursday, July 22, 2010

Letter I sent to Twitter:

Dear Twitter,
Hi there. I am writing you to find out why my twitter account has been cancelled or suspended? Is it a new thing where you cannot parody a company on the web? I love twitter and it has changed my life when it comes to news gathering and social networking and, honestly, social justice. I live in a province where this company is causing severe environmental damage to our ecosystems and their farmed fish escape and mate with the wild fish and spread diseases throughout the species. 
The wild fish have been decimated due to overfishing and there are sea lice infestations. 
If we do not have democratic dissent in the form of parody against these destructive corporations, we are entering a new era of litigated or threatened silence. I see it happening all around me, with the conglomeration of our public airwaves to just a handful of megalomaniac billionaires, who now want to destroy net neutrality by stealing all our democracy online, the one shred of a voice against the wall of aristocratic bullshit that is presented to us on a daily basis in the form of detritus, bubble gum trash talk. We are supposed to care more about Miley Cyrus or Gary Coleman than oil spills or our environment being destroyed by greedy balding white men.
Twitter, you have revolutionized communication in just a few months. But you cannot be the judge or the hired stiff to eject those with disagreeable content. That is the basis of our democratic principles, the foundation of our new found freedom on the world wide web. You have helped to usher this in, helped it grow into something that has become a vehicle for massive human expression. Do not let corporations take this last vestige of freedom of speech and thought from us. They have taken too much already.
I urge you to consider reactivating my twitter account because I simply want to do good in this world and there is not a lot one person can do to change much, but Twitter is a definite voice.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. 
I would love it if you un-suspended my account.

PS- I cannot auto follow if I don't know what it is

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