Friday, July 16, 2010

Riding that train

A year ago today you left
into the silence
bombastic, brilliant 
Behold, the courageous
You ride alone, contagious 
The words, the poetry
the cutting and cursing
and distance between you
and everyone
It leaves an emptiness 
It means they are less
It's disguised in the rest
of what's said
To test and reminisce 
over and over
Expecting the best and hoping for the worst
Left a trail of crumbs to find your way home
like chorus or verse
seen and not heard
the words
lasting and living 
misleading, forgiving
to live
and hiding
from the world and yourself
Going the distance was never a problem
I can't remember when it was
A likeness of you only larger
than life itself
It's the wealth
of time and distance
I saw you go off in the distance
The distance between
reality and dreams
I saw you there
and it made me care
I saw you riding that train.

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