Thursday, June 24, 2010

The relativeness of a design depends on the key purpose of it, regardless of whether or not it is 'traditional' art or 'contemporary'. The usability of an object also defines the life of it, when an object can hold the distinction of being both function and fashion. Like a carving or paint, there are many ways to skin the creative cat.
Although my preference for the art world lies in the more abstract nature, I do appreciate a good portrait or an impressionist's landscape.
Graffiti of all types is respectable and makes for a more inspiring and creative world. I mean, Banksy, has made a movie, for Christ sakes.
Frank Lloyd Wright - zero, Ikea- one.
The number one gun in the run-up to make the winner
Not the functioning, failing masterpiece
that seemed to hold its own for just having shown up.
Sho 'nough, the cardboard was overlooked in a gesture of good faith.
Department store art is borne from its big box mother.
It is treachery that brought us here and it is treachery that will get us out.

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