Friday, June 25, 2010

News Inc.

The news, as it is, is sadly and woefully inadequate. It presents itself as a packaged deal, 10 minutes of headlines, followed by 5 minutes of local news, 2 minutes of weather, 3 minutes of sports. Or you have the 24 hour news stations, who play the same shit clip over and over and speculate amongst themselves, with their pundits arguing passionately. It is no wonder any of us knows what the fuck is going on. Who do we believe? When scripted entertainment begins to pass itself off as truth, then we have a problem, Houston. 
There are G8 and G20 meetings in Toronto today, saturday and sunday.  All the world leaders fly into town like pre-revolution Royalty,  the servants and pomp and circumstance of King Henry the Eighth. A little out of touch with reality, it seems. Like the Empire with no clothes, these fools are in the streets, waving and smiling as if there were no bank bail-outs, no oil spill, no poverty, climate change or just general havoc that seems to be happening on planet Earth Inc. these days.
The lunatics have been left in charge of the asylum for far too long. Time for a lease renewal. 
The 'national' news, presented on CBC, is hosted by Peter Mansbridge, who is known to have attended a recent Bilderberg meeting, an even more secretive organization than the G8 or G20, and who, coincidentally is the media personality who is the face to report all the goings-on at the upcoming G8 and G20 meetings in Toronto, such as cars containing  jerry cans of gas, chainsaws, and bats. The same car that was being reported on all the American news channels as 'weapons laden'. Oh the hyperbole! I can't fucking stand it! This coming from a nation that sleeps with guns under their pillows and who have let an illegal war drag on for 7 years. I'm sure the 10,000 law enforcement, security and Armed forces personnel that are present at the summit can handle a 67 year old man with a can of gas and a bat. Turns out the old guy is just living outdoors, the gas, chainsaw, etc., just being part of his wilderness kit. The old guy probably didn't even know about the summit. The story ran on all the major networks like something substantial had actually happened because, hell, they better have something to tell the public they are charging for the $billion-plus security measures.
If only the old man with the chainsaw and gas had been Muslim. Then they could have gotten the mileage out of the story that they wanted. 
Then there was the security IT guy that they caught a couple of days ago. The dude was taunting police and sounds like a total tool that deserves a good smack for his stupidity, but in the meantime these incidents give law enforcement the license to exert more force toward the largely non-violent public. 
With skirmishes between police and protesters taking the spotlight, the reason people are protesting in the first place takes the back seat in the 'what bleeds, leads' news environment. 
Broken glass is not violence any more than destroying an entire ecosystem, such as the Athabasca in northern Alberta, is violence. A broken window at Starbucks isn't any more violent than forests and habitats being decimated for coffee plantations. Surely, a smashed window is a lot less damaging than the release of billions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico?
A broken window is a symbolic act against the powers that be. It is a harmless act and it makes up for all the lost business these cities sustain when they are forced to shut down due to apparent security concerns. At least there will be some contractor work available to inject a little cash into the local economy. I believe there is insurance for these types of mishaps. 
Meanwhile, they discover that Bernie Madoff has $9 billion stashed away for when he gets out of the joint early for good behavior. Of course he is on good behavior. He has probably paid off the entire pen to shut the hell up.
People are understandably upset about shit like this. And the oil spews into the gulf for over two months now, quickly becoming the biggest environmental catastrophe ever. Are there any summits on this yet? Are the kings and fucking queens putting their heads together, as they so religiously do when it comes to controlling the world's wealth? Beuller? 
And they wonder why they have to erect a security fence and hire an army every time they get together for their bourgiose orgy of self-masturbatory swashbuckling. 
Eventually they will have to have their meetings on an air craft carrier in the South Pacific, as more people figure out the world's problems are all being caused by a small group of elitist, cake-eating lizards. 
The best reason for the news to suck is so that these tycoons can remain at the top of their game. The easiest way to do this, of course, is to own the news, or at least the means to broadcast it. 
The boarded up windows at McDonald's makes for good pictures that a thousand words could never spin.    


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