Friday, June 4, 2010

36 and counting...

Life rushes on, as usual. Sometimes I am astounded at how quickly everything whizzes by the window. I feel like a passenger sometimes, a voyeur, looking in on my own life as if it were someone else's. 
I am 36 now and it feels like I was turning twenty one just yesterday. Well, maybe not yesterday but it seems like a short time. Considering all that has happened along the way, it also seems like a very long time, I am almost weary, a traveler who has found refuge.
Grey Goose turned into grey hairs, the first day I saw them in the mirror was the first day of the pure understanding of my own immortality, if I had not learned from the premature deaths of others who had not been as lucky as me. Or just mistakes and regrets that come with them. 
The reasonableness of one who has watched the clock pass midnight more times than the one who has not.
We trade our emotion based conversations to talks of a more factual and understanding dialogue, eschewing walk-outs and lock outs for words and wisdom. 
The creative energy is acted upon at all times instead of believing you can only make art when you have the luxury of inspiration. If we all waited to be inspired, there wouldn't be a lot getting done.
Nature can play a crucial role in our lives, grounding us and giving us all education and respect that is needed for us to treat the Earth in due regard. 
We have lost this in our technologically advanced way of life that relies on chemicals for everything, plastic is the new black. 
We are completely and madly out of control as a species and we should slow down a bit and not build so many highways to hell. Organic vegetables are readily available almost anywhere, and there seems to be a slow food revolution taking place. For some. Those that aren't lined up at the Wendy's at 3AM, idling in their Escalade for 10 minutes, waiting for a pickle for their chicken burger. 
I know. I am getting old and I sound like an asshole who thinks he knows everything. It isn't that way at all. Well, maybe it is. I am 36 and counting...

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