Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G20 conclusion

It is Tuesday, after the weekend of the G8/G20 summits in Huntsville/Toronto. The people that are in charge of the clean up and explanation/spin departments are all in full give-er mode. The fence is being dismantled, which I guess is injecting some much needed cash, in the way of employment stimulus dollars into the local economy. After having to close or being forced to close or having their windows smashed by so-called anarchists, there are a lot of small business owners who are hurting. The federal government, the people who brought the bullshit magnet with them in the first place, who knew what would happen, are offering no compensation at all. In my opinion, which I offer whole heartedly, the government hired those fucking kids to kick in windows, left those police cruisers in the intersections, used police officers as fodder, intimidation tactics employed against activists and other actions that would make the most oppressive governments blush with envy.
The media were a weak link, as always, painting a repetitious and restricted picture that was wantonly filled by the new social media networks, true or false, messages and pictures were flowing out into the world, real time.
It allowed everyone to be involved in some way, to talk about what was happening and register their opinion. I noticed, on twitter, that most people do not like to receive direct messages. I guess they prefer to remain anonymous and yell from the tower. I do, too. It is always easier that way. I hate to be challenged. It makes me think hard about my opinion and whether or not it is based in emotion or fact.
People make outrageous and dangerous statements and then yell about freedom of speech when you call them out on it. Does freedom of speech allow for people to make ludicrous statements and expect no response? If your freedom of speech guarantees you the right to call peacefully assembled citizens filthy hippies, criminals, anarchists, etc., then I get to enjoy the same freedoms. If there are 25,000 people there and a hundred people start breaking glass, why are the 24,900 lumped in with the hundred? It has been happening forever. It is easy to tar everyone with the same brush when the majority of the population is asleep at the wheel. I know people care but the World Cup is on.
In addition to the broken windows, why were these nihilists running rampant in the streets with their sticks and rocks, when over a billion dollars had been spent on security?
The whole thing is pissing me off because it is the same old story and it never seems to change. Everyone ends up blaming the police or the protesters, while crooked governments draw up token agreements with mega corporations that are busy destroying the planet. They parade a 3 billion dollar pledge to an archaic maternal health initiative around the room like a poodle, while at the same time, pledging 18 billion dollars to fight the war in Afghanistan. Of course, the whole Afghan thing doesn't even come up in the lapdog media, because band-aids look better than bombs, especially to Canadians, who prefer to believe the military is still the benevolent, peacekeeping force that it was during Canada's golden years, the 60's and 70's. We want to think all that they are doing in Afghanistan is handing out school books to children.
Get a fucking clue, Canada, and start paying attention! We're not in Kansas, anymore, Toronto, so stop acting so indignant and aghast at the damage to your city. This happens every time these thugs meet to plan their next attack on our freedom.
Sure, there are masked rioters in the streets, trying to get the attention of the cameras, but at the same time, there are people who are masked behind closed doors and huddled in boardrooms that make decisions that may cause the next oil spill, war, destruction to the Earth, bank bailout, etc.
But that won't make the six o'clock news because there is a burning fucking police cruiser on the front page of any newspaper from Regina to Saskatoon. I am pretty sure the World cup was on the front page of most other dailies around the World.

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