Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the good old oil spill, eh?

The state of Louisiana calls for a state of emergency
as the oil from the earth flows into the sea
and the ships and all kinds of boats and helicopters
hover in the air and in the water
The president talks on the TV about it
the leader of the oil company says they're sorry
or maybe not the leader but someone who was hired
by the oil company to say these things
in the event of a disaster like this
He was training and waiting for this
A bird on the seashore, a child on the seashore
it is what they all said would happen
it was just a matter of time
they always say things like this
like chernobyl chicken, things get burned
And the men with the briefcases never turn
their lives around from total destruction
It's like an induction into the hall of shame
for chemical catastrophes 
it has to be, the last to be
a travesty of tragic means
on the eve of desolation
A migration of souls. 
The newspaper reports all tell the same story
the tv people look for a shot of the spill
in the nice evening sunset, for drama
and it will make a good picture for the grandkids
the big oil spill of 2010, it will be called,
or maybe not. Wars get all the attention,
it seems. the visuals much more exciting
what, with all the bombs exploding and stuff
 And human carnage, too
unfortunately, oil doesn't make for good pictures
so it is off the tv.

Now, if someone were to set fire to that oil spill...

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