Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beyond Petroleum

The face of death looks cold and final
My life lies before me like a table of contents
I am numb from all that I have seen
I want to fly but I can't see
Save our souls and for the love of the Earth
Now is not the time for you to feign blameless
It isn't the music that defines us it is the shame
And the way bodies stack up in piles
That has left us distraught and lost
Barbeque and baseball and friday night lights
A game of denial in the second degree
The myth and mission of progress defies logic
A primitive view of a contemporary dogma
Locked into a collision course of ideas
And gross misconduct of power runs amok
Spending too much time looking at ourselves now
In the mirror and out there
What we share are images of who we want to be
What we want them all to see
It is the difference between caring, and not
Medium is no longer the message but the thought
Because it is the thoughts that are the product
Of the regime change, no sea change
All the signs are painted with the same old shit
Trying to bargain for more time by lying and trying
And playing and praying to the God of guilt
Putting all the faith in science as if it is a thing that will save us from ourselves.

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