Sunday, May 2, 2010

Afghans for Canadian common sense

The speaker of the house tells the governing party, as well as the opposition parties, to stop fucking around with the info on Afghan detainees and let the Canadian people in on the release of this most imperative information. All parties are acting like school children (what else is new?) and volleying insults and stupid asinine non-sequiturs across the house at each other. 
     Get a life, politicians. I think you have misjudged Canadians' patience for your self serving fucking games on this one, you clowns. There are lives at stake here. It is not about your political pissing contest this time but it is about Canadian soldiers who are dying over there and we don't want them dying unless it is for something we, as Canadians , agree is worth laying down lives for. This aint Kansas anymore, you fucks. Act accordingly.

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