Friday, May 28, 2010

mindfuck logo

Well, looky here. The BP logo seems to have gotten inspiration from somewhere, when it came to re-branding. One of these logos stands for Earth stewardship and the other logo stands for destroying the Earth, for profit. Can you guess which is which? 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

G20 private meeting paid for by YOU

So, the governments of all the bullying nations are getting together again to discuss how they will keep the rich richer and the poor poorer. And how they will try to make it seem as though they care about poverty, the environment, war and all the other things that they control from their ivory towers. 
Does anyone else here notice that every time these thugs get together to have a chat, they need 10,000 police officers and security personnel to protect them from the very citizens that they claim to be working for? They are charging Canadian taxpayers $1.1 billion dollars for security, so they can meet behind closed doors and discuss plans for dismantling social services to help pay for corporate tax cuts. EXXON and BP and their ilk need tax cuts for 'exploration' of the fossil fuels and minerals while your taxes go up. Sounds like a fair deal, huh? While they pollute the planet and run rough shod over the environment that you care about.
 They want to talk about the Arctic opening up for oil exploration, while at the very same time a trillion gallons of crude oil spews into the Gulf of Mexico. They want to talk about energy security while they fight two illegal wars for oil, killing hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan and Iraq and now, Pakistan. When they talk of energy security, I guess they mean security for US and not THEM. 
These meetings are just a bullshit smokescreen for the real meetings that take place with the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and all the other lizard meetings that take place each year in order to shore up what has been stolen from others, fair and square. Wars are not fought for justice, they are fought to steal land and resources from others. The businessman has learned, of late, though, that it doesn't always take a war to steal someone's shit. All it takes is a free trade agreement or a meeting with a head of state, preferably one that falls into the neo-liberal, fascist, privatization camp. 
These are the sorts of people who convince governments that a perfectly good crown corporation, like BC rail, BC ferries or hospital services that these corporations are not 'profitable' and would be better sold at fire sale prices with some corporate welfare thrown  in for good measure. To make it worthwhile for the buyer. Then, once the 'services' are sold, the new private company trims the fat and lays off half the staff in a cost saving measure. And the existing employees are forced to take wage rollbacks and other measures to save their new keepers. The corporation that now owns the farm has less of a responsibility to the citizens and more of a responsibility to the shareholders. And what the fuck do shareholders care about? Their share.
It is the same tired old story. I wonder when we will have eaten enough cake? 

music, words.

Music is a catalyst for emotion that lies under our shells
Shells that we have erected in order to shield us from the battery
Of constant, searing, white noise that makes our ears ring
Even in the quietest moments
We are left dazed and bewildered
And we look for love and reach for it
Because it is pure truth and that is all we have
That, and the music that completes us
Making all that is reptilian, artful
Full of purpose and laden with whimsy, at once
It unites us like a sport or more, war,
The weapons are harmony and a rhythm
The time is now
The feeling that it gives you is real

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beyond Petroleum

The face of death looks cold and final
My life lies before me like a table of contents
I am numb from all that I have seen
I want to fly but I can't see
Save our souls and for the love of the Earth
Now is not the time for you to feign blameless
It isn't the music that defines us it is the shame
And the way bodies stack up in piles
That has left us distraught and lost
Barbeque and baseball and friday night lights
A game of denial in the second degree
The myth and mission of progress defies logic
A primitive view of a contemporary dogma
Locked into a collision course of ideas
And gross misconduct of power runs amok
Spending too much time looking at ourselves now
In the mirror and out there
What we share are images of who we want to be
What we want them all to see
It is the difference between caring, and not
Medium is no longer the message but the thought
Because it is the thoughts that are the product
Of the regime change, no sea change
All the signs are painted with the same old shit
Trying to bargain for more time by lying and trying
And playing and praying to the God of guilt
Putting all the faith in science as if it is a thing that will save us from ourselves.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Graffiti is not vandalism

Saw the film 'Exit through the gift shop' tonight. It was a thought provoking documentary, indeed. Or was it? Was it a ruse? Was it the artist taking the piss out of his followers and fans? Mister Brainwash was the narrator and shooter in the start of the story but by part way through, it seems as though the camera has been taken away from him and into the hands of Banksy, the rock star graffiti artist who was the focus of the film in the first place. Mister Brainwash becomes an instant art star by creating hype around himself. The hype is successful  and the failed filmmaker becomes a star in the LA art world. But, didn't Banksy become famous by taking pop culture and turning it on its head? Is the artist taking the piss out of himself, using allegory? 
I appreciated all the art and the process of illegally painting walls. It is the danger and the temporary nature of the art that electrifies it. 
Many people see graffiti as vandalism but I do not see it that way. It is one way of making our architecturally dull world that we have created and make it more lively and fun. I also like political messages or societal comments that others will see and absorb. I just don't see it as ugly and I don't include paint and stickers into the 'broken window' theory. 
I urge all people to see this gem. It is inspiring and I will buy it when it comes out on DVD because it is something I would want to view over and over. 
Just because.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the good old oil spill, eh?

The state of Louisiana calls for a state of emergency
as the oil from the earth flows into the sea
and the ships and all kinds of boats and helicopters
hover in the air and in the water
The president talks on the TV about it
the leader of the oil company says they're sorry
or maybe not the leader but someone who was hired
by the oil company to say these things
in the event of a disaster like this
He was training and waiting for this
A bird on the seashore, a child on the seashore
it is what they all said would happen
it was just a matter of time
they always say things like this
like chernobyl chicken, things get burned
And the men with the briefcases never turn
their lives around from total destruction
It's like an induction into the hall of shame
for chemical catastrophes 
it has to be, the last to be
a travesty of tragic means
on the eve of desolation
A migration of souls. 
The newspaper reports all tell the same story
the tv people look for a shot of the spill
in the nice evening sunset, for drama
and it will make a good picture for the grandkids
the big oil spill of 2010, it will be called,
or maybe not. Wars get all the attention,
it seems. the visuals much more exciting
what, with all the bombs exploding and stuff
 And human carnage, too
unfortunately, oil doesn't make for good pictures
so it is off the tv.

Now, if someone were to set fire to that oil spill...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is there a Doctor in tha house?

...bumper sticker on a Dodge 4x4 bush truck

Well, then. You show me yours, and I'll show you mine...

Afghans for Canadian common sense

The speaker of the house tells the governing party, as well as the opposition parties, to stop fucking around with the info on Afghan detainees and let the Canadian people in on the release of this most imperative information. All parties are acting like school children (what else is new?) and volleying insults and stupid asinine non-sequiturs across the house at each other. 
     Get a life, politicians. I think you have misjudged Canadians' patience for your self serving fucking games on this one, you clowns. There are lives at stake here. It is not about your political pissing contest this time but it is about Canadian soldiers who are dying over there and we don't want them dying unless it is for something we, as Canadians , agree is worth laying down lives for. This aint Kansas anymore, you fucks. Act accordingly.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A burning hulk of an oil drill rig explodes and sinks to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and we are learning now that the oil that is leaking into the ocean at the rate of 150, 000 gallons a day. It is an environmental disaster of biblical proportions. I think about it for a few moments and wonder if the canucks will make it to the second round of the Stanley cup play-offs?