Thursday, February 18, 2010

the oh limp ics

Man, the city is alive and hosting the world. Or at least a few people in the world that care enough about how fast someone can skate or how high someone can jump on a pair of skis, etc., are wandering around the place, thinking God knows what about the city that made it onto the big stage. Granted, anyone that has enough time and loot to fly to vancouver to watch people hurl their bodies down the hill, belong in the privileged classes. Unless you are an Olympic like, fanatic or something. It is only during the olympics that men will talk openly in the presence of other men, about figure skating, luge or downhill skiing, for that matter. Thank god the men have hockey to right the wrongs. 
The nationalism breaks onto the scene like the kool-aid guy busting through the brick wall and sayin', "Oh yeah!". Suddenly we spring into this blood thirsty, fascist, fun seeking mono culture. Look at the pretty lights. Look at all the flags flying freely, look at the sentries.
The torch, surrounded by chain link, is ridiculous as a stage play with no actors and a corner without a store, bragging that all other torches had been unattainable by a long shot because they had been high up on a roof. Think about it, assholes, people, by nature, have a serious aversion to chain link fence. We just don't like it. Neither do dogs. Chain link is just a bad idea and should actually be banned, citing aesthetic and psychological causes to people and nature alike. Oh well, they tried, didn't they? 
Sorry, what's that? I couldn't hear you over the military and police helicopters that are circling overhead. Are athletes really a target? It is just another excuse to spend corporate dollars on security. They are spending upwards of $900 million on security for the events and that money will be dispersed throughout the country, for all the visiting law enforcement. That would be looked at as a positive and it is, save for all the challenges to our charter, which was last suspended during the FLQ crisis in 1970. I don't know. Maybe some of our charter rights were revoked during expos or some other public sponsored, corporate teat sucking event. The benefits to our city are negotiable, depending on who you are. Undoubtedly, it will be good for some. Even artists and musicians will benefit from this two week orgy of tax fueled masturbation, getting to showcase their wares to people who would otherwise have not had a chance because they live in a gated community somewhere in Australia or Singapore or Toronto and they are staying in a gated community here in Vancouver while taking in the olympics and they work in an office somewhere, the lights are cool white and so are the other people that work there. They bring macaroni in tupperware and heat it up in the microwave at lunch time. They go to Mexico for a week each year and return wearing a straw sun hat while getting into the taxi in the pouring rain. These are the assholes coming in droves .
Listen, I don't want to be that guy. But, come on, people. $8 billion and counting. I know some of these expenditures are to be left as a legacy. The Canada line, the highway to Whistler, the new roof on BC place, the blah blah blah that costs us billions of dollars. We have an opportunity to shine here, to spend our tax dollars on things that matter, such as health care, education, renewable energy. The SUVs driving around sponsored by GM, which translated, means you, since the feds gave them $12 billion bucks, what the fuck? 
Seriously, this is fun and stuff but this is a party that we cannot afford. 
The press is crowing about the snow, the transportation, the organization, the frustration.
Welcome to the rain forest city. Warm. Wet. Proud. Hopeful. 

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