Saturday, February 20, 2010

The center of all things is the place where we all go at night, while we are sleeping.

I remember a time when the simple things were enough to sustain. It has been many times in my life but what strikes me as curious is that I was poor at the time. I was in college or without a job or just working enough to put food on the table and a roof over my head and not much else. My most valued possession was a library card. Spending hours in the library each day, reading about Darwinism or the diaries of Kurt Cobain. Then I would borrow movies and books and head home. A bicycle is the best way to get around and you see more of the city that way. Life has a way of seeming more relevant when it is not whizzing by you at 80 km/h. 
Groceries bought for next to nothing at the discount corner produce market, learning to be creative and healthy, while spending very little money. This is where I pioneered the 'continuous stew', the goulash that would repetitiously have ingredients added to it over the course of a few days. 
All I am saying is the small things seem to matter more and maybe necessity is the mother of attention. 

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