Thursday, December 30, 2010

The following is a message from Sea Shepherd Society...

We have never had a busier year, nor a year in which we have achieved so much in terms of raising awareness, saving the lives of so many fish, whales, dolphins, and other marine species, and costing the poachers so many millions of dollars in illegally obtained profits.

In 2010, Sea Shepherd accomplished the following:
  • Saved the lives of 528 whales because of our interventions against the Japanese whaling fleet during Operation Waltzing Matilda.
  • Cut the nets and freed 800 bluefin tuna that are endangered and were illegally caught in the Mediterranean during Operation Blue Rage.
  • Interfered with the killing of pilot whales in the Faeroe Islands during Operation Grindstop.
  • Installed a surveillance system in the Galapagos that enables the Ecuadorian police and the Galapagos Park rangers to monitor all vessel traffic in the National Park Marine Reserve.
  • Put a long-term crew of "Cove Guardians" on the ground in Taiji, Japan to bring constant global attention to the dolphin slaughter.
  • Flew into no-fly zones in the Gulf of Mexico to expose negligence and lies by BP after the oil spill.
These are just some of the highlights from this year. It has indeed been a busy one! We could not accomplish so much without supporters like you. It is expensive to protect the oceans from those who pillage and plunder. 

For the sake of the oceans and all the defenseless animals we defend, please support Sea Shepherd in 2011 by making a donation today.

Thanks friends. Peace and love in 2011!

Monday, December 27, 2010

H E R O for whales

Mr. Paul Watson, in his quarters, aboard the MV Steve Irwin. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has just embarked on their annual mission to the Southern Whale Sanctuary, to defend the whales against the Japanese "research" vessels. I wish them safe passage.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Agents provocateurs

Yet another "anti-terror" operation the
government engages in regularly.

When they're not groping us at airports...
...showing up at our front doors for "clarification"
of our political ideas...or sending paid operatives
to pose as members of community groups...
they like to play this game: 

Sending police dressed up as demonstrators
to turn peaceful protests into riots. 

This video comes from Canada, but the
technique is used in the US every day of
the week. 

The truly bizarre thing is no one seems
to know about it. 

Every demonstration should have teams
specifically charged with identifying these
gun thugs (they're easy to find), pointing
them out, and blowing their cover.

It's a matter of public safety as these creeps
are there specifically to incite violence. 

Your tax dollars at work.   

Here's how the adults deal with it. 


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taxi from the dark side...

Colby and me sit at a tram stop. We have just gone and seen another shit apartment that we may or may not want to rent in a snobbish neighborhood of East Melbourne. We thought we liked the place when we saw it in photographs on some real estate web site but when we arrive and see it in person, we realize that we have been had by trick photography or our own wishful thinking or our own foolish and rather desperate desire to find a residence we can call home in our new adopted city.
The trams do not seem to be coming along and the time of our next appointment draws closer. I check my watch. I look up the road. I check my watch again.
The traffic is heavy. A taxi sits at rest beside us as we wait for the never arriving tram. I make an uncharacteristic split decision to jump in the taxi.
I rush to the door as the traffic light turns green and the cars ahead start to lurch forward. I ask the driver if he is available to give us a lift to our destination. He doesn't really answer and we both just sort of force our way into the cab and he shrugs and follows the cars in front of him.
The meter is off and he explains that he has been driving for the last 20 hours. He cannot turn on the meter according to local laws regarding time spent on the road without sleep or rest.
We agree that a flat rate will be paid at the end of our short journey.
Colby, as always strikes up a mannered conversation with him. In less than one minute, we find out that he is a recent immigrant from the war torn nation of Afghanistan.
We are both taken aback by his honesty and candor and faith in human kindness.
He tells us that his entire family have been killed by coalition bombs and bullets. A coalition bomber strafed his village on the border with Pakistan and 2000 people were killed in less than a minute. His mother, father, sisters and other extended family members were all victims of this horrific war crime. His pride, sadness and strength leave us both in tears. He is in tears. In retrospect, it was a very powerful moment in my life and I shall never forget that man's face and voice. He could see that we were hurting from his story and he moved to calm us, saying that it was not the Australian or Canadian or Americans' fault but rather it was the policy of these counties' that caused this war.
I felt so ashamed. I felt such reprehensible guilt and anger and embarrassment that I have not felt since March 2003 when the bombs began to fall on Baghdad.
We reached our destination and our emotional ride was over. I don't know if the ride affected him as it did us but maybe we were supposed to feel that pain from him. First world westerners are not often faced with the fallout that their governments make on their behalf and maybe if we did more often, we would be more vocal and stand up for the rights of those who stand in the way of the bombs dropped in our our name.

Requiem for the true believers in Revolution

Sensibility is a vague trapping of the comfortable
Those with the time to think and not have to fight
and kill for a shred of self respect
or their next meal
A feeling of the way things ought to be
or ought not to be, you decide
which side you are on?
well... come on
If you have time for education
you have time for reflection and manipulation
Of the facts, of the tracks on which the train of bullshit runs upon
A little time in solitary confinement
will curb your desire to change things
Priorities will be decided by taxes and riot cops
The swift baton of reality will smash you on the skull
and make you recoil in fear
maybe next time you will consider not going
to the polls, to the soil, to the streets
Am I repeating, myself, again?
I always wear myself and others out
on the road to indictment
It is the excitement, that I crave
I'm not brave, just rogue and ecstatic, democratic even
I want to shove flowers in the guns
I want to be a fugitive on the run
from those who want to give chase and make haste
which seems like everyone
these days
Except the ones who are hiding in the walls and the malls
They are invisible but everywhere I turn
They get in the way of my plan
of understanding and demanding
what is expected from the ones we trusted
with the farm and to do no harm
Like art, it fell apart in shards, a house of cards
I always call a spade when I see one
It gets us into trouble
but a lot less
than the collateral damage that is families
that are piling up
on our doorstep.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Letter to Vancity.

Hello. I have temporarily moved to Melbourne, Australia from Vancouver. I let the bank know that I would be doing this before I left, as I realize, even though it is the 21st century and we live in a globalized culture, the idea of somebody trying to use an ATM card in another country is somehow shocking. I used my card once at the National Australian Bank on Dec. 7th and was able to make one withdrawal for $400.00. When I tried to use it again later, my account had been frozen. I tried to call the bank to sort this out but there is no 24 hour number to report or try to fix this sort of problem. Again, let me remind you it is the 21st century. When I finally reached someone on Monday in Vancouver, I was treated with the most lackadaisical and uninterested attitude by your 'service' representative. I was told that there was no record of me having told the bank that I was leaving the country. I was also told that my ATM card had been compromised due to 'skimming'. When I asked where, when or how the card had been compromised the service rep. could not tell me. I was under the impression that these sorts of precise electronic transmissions were traceable in some way. I was then told that I could receive a new ATM card in the the mail in no less than, wait for it, one month. I need not remind you again about the 21st century? Hello, Fed-ex? Hello, UPS? Then the service rep. told me that I should use my Visa card to make withdrawals and when I told her that I would be charged interest on the account immediately, she had no reply. In her defense, she did then come to a conclusion that I could go to the bank here and my card would be unlocked for enough time to withdraw some cash. I appreciated the temporary solution, albeit less than ideal. I will be getting in contact with Vancity again in the near future to make this arrangement again as I wait a month or longer, for my new ATM card to come in the mail. I then realized that Vancity Visa may also be surprised that someone may have left the nest and tried to pay for something overseas. Without my ATM or Visa card, I would truly be in trouble. So I called Vancity Visa and waited on hold. And waited. And waited. Then for some reason, I was hung up on. You can imagine how this may have made me feel after all the previous frustration. I thought that when I called back, I would call the 'lost or stolen card' number, as this would surely receive prompt attention. Alas, after ONE HOUR on hold, I could not raise anyone over at the old call centre. ONE HOUR on hold from Australia! I had to hang up after the 'once every minute' requests from an automated message for me to apply for a higher credit limit to avoid potentially embarrassing credit declinations, not to mention offers to call me back. I tried that while I was still in Canada and it took 3 days to finally make a connection with someone. In short, I am an extremely unhappy customer at this point. The reason for this correspondence is not only to register my discontent, it is to state the utmost importance of my Vancity visa not being cut off due to it being 'compromised'. Thank you. I expect a swift response.


This article may be affected by the following current eventUnited States diplomatic cables leak. Information in this article may change rapidly as the event progresses.

At least there's still some good left in the world...

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were attacked by protesters in London tonight as tuition fees demonstrations descended into vandalism and violence.
Charles and Camilla were unharmed after their car was struck and daubed in paint as they made their way to the Royal Variety Performance in central London.
Police and protesters were taken to hospital following a series running battles in the Westminster area after MPs voted to hike tuition fees to up to £9,000.
Protesters attacked a number of Government buildings near the House of Commons, smashing windows at the Treasury and the Supreme Court and vandalising statues in Parliament Square, including that of Winston Churchill.

wikileaks fallout continues...

Julian Assange is receiving massive outpouring of support from all over the world. All the governments in the world are trying to tell us that we should all be 'outraged' at this breach of security by this 'rapist'. What a total, absolute, fucking joke. What a predictable response from a bunch of fucking killers and murderers. Our leaders have enjoyed the secrecy that their untold power has provided for them for way too long. And now, as with all other things, these dinosaurs have fallen behind and world public opinion has left them feeling naked and stupid. They are trying to use their tried and true forms of thought control that have worked for generations and it is not working because we, the people, have lapped them in their own game of information dissemination.
'Leaders' from all walks are calling for the indictment to the assassination of this man, without knowing the full consequences of where all this will lead. These fucking evil pieces of genocidal shit have no idea where their asinine, ignorant observations and opinions will end up next. On the 6 o'clock news? Youtube? They are losing the reins. The lunatics have been in charge of the asylum for too long and the people are using new tools to build a new paradigm. A new game, where guns, germs and stupidity no longer rule the airwaves.
And these violent maniacs can try to tell us what we think but more and more of us are accessing the real truth. And history will look much more kindly upon the Julian Assanges than the Cheneys and the Stephen Harpers or all the other people that send young people off to die for religion and resources.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This man makes a fool out of evil men...

Julian Assange has apparently ruffled the feathers of those who kill and maim in the name of 'freedom and democracy'. I guess it is ok to commit acts of state sponsored terrorism or espionage, but for fuck sakes, it is obviously a far more deplorable act to tell others about it.

From Vancouver to Melbourne

from this...


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Security. Fuck yeah.

Airports always make me a bit apprehensive. I am not sure if it is the physical trip that lies ahead, replete with the 700 mile an hour jettison through the sky in a metal tube, breathing recycled air that makes my nose burn on inhalation. Perhaps it is the never-boring security checkpoints that you must pass through in order to spend 9 hours in an airport in a country that you would rather skip altogether, if it were not for the fact that the plane you are on needs to stop there to refuel. As I approach the ubiquitous scanner/search/de-moralization/checkpoint charlie area, where the shoes are removed, along with your belt, so that all manner of your remaining human pride is quashed, not unlike how they strip you down and search and seize when you have been caught drunk in a public space or have been caught trying to defend your democracy/nature/human rights/animals/peace. It is an age old tactic of making citizens feel like douche bags, even if they are the most stand up people.
You are at the mercy of the people who make the rules. If you question/joke/interpret/disobey, you can kiss your holiday/business trip/freedom goodbye.
Some people like this because it makes them feel safe. Believe me, people, the terrorists have won. Every time I submit myself to this faux exercise of the appearance of security, I am made to feel like a common criminal just for wanting to board an airplane. I can assure you, the next big 9/11 type attack will be nowhere near an airport or an airplane, rather it will be at a mall or some place like that. Then we will have to go through search procedures just to go to fucking Target to buy socks that are on sale. Make no mistake about it, my friends, the first world obsession with security is futile at best. If even a fraction of the time, money and effort that is spent on making us feel safe on the way to Cabo, were spent on people and cultures around the World that must live without, so that we can live with, there would be a lot less angry people who may want to do us harm.
Now, if you will excuse me, I have to finish that glass of merlot before our descent into LA...

Watch the Drunken Handyman.

Like watching people fix stuff while drinking?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Where the fuck is all the money going!?!?

Earlier this week, the federal gangsters were
forced to pull back the curtain on who got the
bailouts and how much.

Yes, believe it or not, until this week this data
was a state secret. 

Some revelations:

1. $3 TRILLION was given away

2. Goldman Sachs would have gone bankrupt
without the help

3. Money even went to companies like GE,
McDonalds, and Harley Davidson. 

From our Real Econ TV site.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


There sure is a trend on contemporary television to give air time to stupid, hick, white trash, ignorant retards. Hicks chasing hicks, hicks fighting with hicks, hicks repossessing hicks' cars, hick douche bags that are trying to secure the next U.S. presidential election. Hicks that horde, hicks that can't afford, hicks that act like whores. The lowest common denominator has taken the airwaves by storm. I guess it is easier and more fun to entertain the twits and twats than to inform the public or even to entertain people that might actually think for a living. Our civilization slips another notch down the slippery slope of stupidity.

Wikileaks fuckfest...

Canadians found out a couple weeks back that our government has caved to NATO demands, ie: U.S. demands, that our troops stay in Afghanistan past the 2011 exit date. I wondered how this all came about in the international game of espionage and war bullshit games governments play. Well, this week wikileaks released cables about this subject. Turns out that there was plans for this extension long before we, the people, became aware of it. 
The following is an excerpt from a cable to President Obama preceding his first diplomatic visit to Canada in 2009...
“Your enormous popularity among Canadians (an 81 pct approval rating) is to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper both a blessing — because he can for the first time since taking office in 2006 gain politically from public and policy association with the U.S. President — and a curse — because no Canadian politician of any stripe is nearly as popular, respected, or inspiring as you are to Canadian voters…”
Breese goes as far as to say,
“Your trip will help to ensure that the government will survive an early February vote of confidence on the federal budget, in which Canada will post its first deficit in more than a decade as it provides a stimulus package of $30-40 billion.”
He tells Obama that there is “virtually zero willingness” in Canada to extend forces in Afghanistan beyond 2011, but that,
“Canada could offer up significant new funding to strengthen the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police. Much will depend upon convincing Canada that its continued contributions to the Afghanistan effort are a critical component of your strategy for success in Afghanistan.”

Monday, October 25, 2010

Darwinism in its' finest hour...

Polk County, FL.
Turkey Hunter Mistakenly Shoots, Kills Camouflaged Man In Tree. A camouflaged hunter sitting in a tree was accidentally shot and killed Friday by another hunter trying to shoot a turkey, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Investigators said Michael Shane Hasting, 40, was hunting with his 6-year-old son at the River Ranch Acres Hunt Club Friday and spotted a turkey. Hasting fired at the turkey and moved forward to see if he hit the bird. He then discovered that he accidentally shot Randall Williamson of Pompano Beach. Williamson was in the wooded area sitting in what is known as a squatter's chair and wearing camouflage clothing and mesh over his face, according to a Polk County sheriff's news release. He was also holding a camouflage shotgun...

Animal Liberation Front hits a few Vancouver locations...

Hey kids! Don't try this at home.

What can I say? Cruelty rewarded. 

a homeless man stands outside Whole Foods...

A man stands
the rain falls mercilessly
A box contains  a cornucopia
of discarded items
from real people
with jobs and cars and debt
a crisis of cold crept in
some time ago
like an october morning fog
He can still read
But what?
What most people care about
means nothing to him
not now
not here
Hates eye contact
save for a flash of teeth
a flip of the hair
despair, left long ago
replaced by a dull ache
of knowing
no dreams

know dreams

Sunday, October 17, 2010

letting go...

This is my place
This place holds my secrets 
my trust
my hopes in the physical world
This room is where I find myself
when I feel like I am lost
And this room is where I sleep
and dream and love
This one is where I prepare the meals
This room is where we live
this one is where we sit
and talk to one another
The flames of the fire warm us
the light from computer screens
light the room and faces sometimes
Facts thrown about the place
guesses, riddles, queries and questions
judgments told and opinions sold.
There are no critics here
not even ourselves
All the memories passing us by
We could hear all those bands playing
across the water from the park
the kind of place where the trees cradle the street
giving shade or color or comfort or oxygen
I hope it is our generation
that tells them to go fuck themselves
We leave town for a while
We find the room for miles
in our lives
In the way in which it is here
we act accordingly
and suck each other in for love
Just trying to be human
There is no book on this
Only time can sober us up
from the reality of the truth
We find our youth
in the rooms of this house...
It takes a mouth

to say what you mean

We have walked a long road to get here
Sometimes seems crazy to run

Saturday, October 16, 2010

from comments section on TED talks...

your wife will leave you, your friends will distance themselves, you'll hear platitudes, you'll be fired, you'll black out during the day, you'll feel deeply exhausted, you'll want to sleep for a million years, you'll feel 50 years older, you'll wonder when the last day will be, you'll feel alone, you'll feel sad, you'll feel lost, you'll feel pain, you'll know fear, you'll know there are no medicines, there is no surgery; there is no cure, you will die. 

You will understand. You will be free.

- I am terminal cancer.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey, Harper. Pay attention. It's free.

The Harper Conservatives have dragged this country to an all-time low when it comes to world public opinion. Do these arrogant sociopaths really think the other world leaders that have had sand kicked in their faces by Canada, will really be bought off with shitty beer and maple fucking syrup? Take a lesson from the Japanese, Harper. You need hookers and cash to get what you want in this world. (see- International Whaling Commission meeting in Morocco earlier this year)
This country has tied medical aid to pro-life principals in third world countries, abandoned the Kyoto Protocol, come out in glowing support of the state of Israel, caused untold grief in Afghanistan and a myriad of other regressive, draconian policies that are bound to raise the eyre of anyone with any hope of moving this savage world out of the stone age and into an age of relative peace and prosperity. 
The world has had enough of these Bush-era, cowboy stances on foreign policy. Like abandoning African states in favor of Latin America because Canada has gold in them thar hills. Or oil. Or whatever it is that this greedy country needs to satiate its' appetite for destruction.
We lost the UN Security Council bid because we are out of touch with MOST of the rest of the world. And they have just let us know. Are we listening? Harper? You fuck. 

Hey, Canada. All your bullshit doesn't go unnoticed.

Hurray! Canada loses security council seat -- and the world has Harper's number
OCTOBER 12, 2010

Stephen Harper's death bed repentance regarding his hostile attitude towards the UN apparently didn't fool enough delegations to get the suddenly coveted Security Council seat. (Teeny Portugal got 113 votes to Canada's 78.) This bodes well for the United Nations for if Canada, with its long list of offensive, reactionary and perverse stands on issues had been rewarded for its behaviour, one would have to wonder if the UN really is corrupt.

It is amusing to think back on the trajectory that this misanthrope of a Prime Minister has followed on the UN and the Security Council seat. Like so much else about government, Harper has a visceral hatred of everything about the social democratic and liberal state. His goal has always been to dismantle the activist state and turn it into a dumbed down, minimalist institution consisting of the military, the police (and prisons), CSIS, and the Bank of Canada. Everything else, in Harper's fantasy world, would be handled by the private sector.

But Harper's anger has always gotten the better of him. The man has little impulse control and if you want to accomplish anything in politics -- even dismantling the government -- you have to be strategic and you have to have good judgment. Harper has demonstrated time and again that he cannot abide compromise or biding his time. It has severely hampered his agenda and prevented him from achieving a majority government.

For virtually all of political life he has been openly contemptuous of human rights and showed little but disdain for the United Nations and everything it stands for -- peacekeeping, poverty reduction, health protection, bio-diversity, climate action. That was true of George Bush, too, but Bush (or his brain trust) finally figured out that it was much more effective to try to dominate the UN and use it for U.S. imperial goals than simply to rant and rave about it.

Harper is a late comer to the strategy - thank goodness. His efforts at the UN a few weeks back were laughable, except that his speeches served to remind of us of all the rotten positions Canada has taken in recent years. His initiative on maternal health was also too little, too late. Even here, he couldn't resist sullying his effort by tossing a bone to his anti-abortion supporters.

Part of the defeat (we can't know for sure with secret balloting) was almost certainly Canada's offensive and unsupportable position regarding Israel and the Palestinians. I would bet that every Arab and Muslim country voted against Canada. This is the moment when Harper's comment about the Israeli vicious invasion of Lebanon -- a "measured response" -- has finally come back to bite him. I wonder how he likes being measured himself. Even children learn that there are consequences to their actions -- something Harper still cannot accept.

The humiliating rejection of Canada's bid provides a unique opening for civil society organizations working on issues embraced by the UN. Activists now have to move quickly to take advantage -- on bio-diversity, asbestos, Palestinian rights, and on Indigenous rights, the right to water, poverty reduction and climate change -- exposing the now undeniable fact that Canada's policies on these fronts and others have gained us the status as recalcitrant, reactionary state.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We are the smartest animals on this planet.

take your chances.


I love this town.

One fine October in Vancity...

It makes you want to crave life. 
we went the distance that there was to go
We let our voices be heard
We sang songs along the way
We had lights that reflected in the wet night
music that could be heard from a distance
inspired you to get moving
and doing something that 
one day, your children will be proud of you for
And they will be able to connect with you
in some way
For now

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Obama, where are you?

Michael Tomasky stays well within his comfort zone with his criticism of the Tea Party phenomenon (The US Republicans have created a Frankenstein monster, 17 September). Not for him to point out where the movement is most obviously inconsistent. It takes America's "dissident" Republican, Rep Ron Paul from Texas, to do so. He points out the inherent contradictions in being against big government at home, while supporting it abroad, in financing more than 700 military bases in over 120 countries by borrowing and printing money; and in cutting a few thousand dollars from an inner-city swimming pool, while turning a blind eye to a Pentagon defence budget that nearly equals those of the rest of the world combined.

In other words, both President Obama and the Tea Party are part of the problem rather than the solution.

Yugo Kovach

Friday, September 17, 2010

An army of idiots

When it is time to laugh, it is time to cry
the theories of love and death and battle
come to dominate the public sphere
and demand all that we have got
and run us all ragged with stories
of theft and lust and trust, broken
it's the dust that gets in the eyes
when all else fails to adjust
it is a sign of the times
new Roman
A pax of celebrity and fear
and misguided expectations
from your living room window
you watch
it all go down

...from the files of Alexandra Morton:

From a blustery North Pacific morning.  The Fraser sockeye have finally passed Northern Vancouver Island and are heading for their spawning grounds throughout the Fraser watershed. They will feed 60% of the BC province, they have already given towns along the coast $100,000s, returning hope and prosperity to towns abandoned by our governments.  But as Dr. Randall Peterman, chairman US/Canadian Pacific Salmon Commission states in the Vancouver Sun today,this year was miraculously positive, but one year does not make a trend.  The Fraser sockeye have demonstrated in no uncertain terms that they are capable of thriving amongst us. They are up to the challenge of living with humanity! Now it is entirely up to us if we want this to continue.  We have to know why so many returned this year after an 18 year decline in productivity.

Remarkably, we have just the mechanism already underway, the Cohen Commission.  I am in this inquiry and I cannot state strongly enough that Judge Cohen must hear from all of you.  He is making a significant effort by traveling throughout the Province before the hearings begin.  Please consider showing up at these meetings. 

Victoria - Sept. 16,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm Hotel Grand Pacific (Vancouver Island Ballroom) 463 Belleville St.
New Westminster - Sept. 20,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm Inn at the Quay (Hyak Rm North) 900 Quayside
Prince George - Sept 23,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm  Ramada Inn (Cranbrook S. Centre), 444 George St.
Chilliwack -  Sept 29,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm  Coast Chilliwack Hotel (Rosedale AB)  45920 1st Ave.
Kamloops - Oct. 21,  6:30pm - 9:30 pm Coast Canadian Hotel (Collonade Rm)  339 St. Paul St. 

Come to one of these meetings and yell at someone. If you are tired of this government and its' cronies raping nature for profit, show up and say something that makes security throw you out. Don't yell at anyone who is on the side of salmon or the environment, for God sakes. But there will probably be some representatives there from industry. Show the angry hippie side. Do it. Do it.
Just sayin'...

vancouver september

 sunset looking at the north shore mountains

   sunrise driving down marine drive, on the way to the studio

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Buy art, buy happiness...


That prick, Kevin Falcon, is reinstating some of the arts funding here in BC, after the arts community kicked him in the balls publicly. Fucking BC Liberals. $600 million for a retractable roof over the soccer stadium but not $9 million for A years worth of arts grants? They also tried to tie some olympic spirit legacy bullshit to the funding that was left. Yeah right. Not now. Not never. 
So, with that in mind, I am having an art show to celebrate the funding restoration. Assholes.

Friday, September 10, 2010

water signs

The birds gather with one another on the wires. There is chatter. And summer days. No matter how fleeting. It gives us reason to seize it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the pig farmer - pickton docudrama
airs on sep 9/11 from 9 to 11 EST (crazy coincidence of numbers or conspiracy?) on CTV.
world premier styles.

typical.... CTV has re-edited it (to lie) and Academy award winning documentary director Malcom Clarke's name is completely absent from the press material. Malcom is rumoured to have walked away from his executive producer title in order to avoid having to cover up the true story we uncovered back in nov-december of 2007. CTV refused to air the film as malcom told it. we had spent two months of interviews, and 2 weeks of docudrama reconstructions spearheaded by Malcom himself

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lund. Labour Day. 2010

Time passes
Time heals
Love is the thing
that heals
Friends are love
without them, we fall
without them, we are small
in the universe of stars
and fractals
and deserted villages
When a friend dies
we all have lost 
a part of ourselves
And time will pass
for us to find hope again
we look for the signs
that have been left for us
Friends are what have been left
We are each other

Letter to Ed Porter, DFO:

Dear Mr. Ed Porter, Federal Minister of Fisheries,
As a resident of British Columbia and a former commercial fisher, I am dismayed and appalled by your government's decision to essentially allow foreign owned aquaculture corporations who have a dismal track record when it comes to environmental regulation, police themselves. To grant a salmon farm lease a tenure to operate in our waters without an environmental assessment, is ludicrous, at best. 
We already have relaxed environmental regulations in our forests and our mines, due to the lack of stewardship by our provincial government. And now we can look forward to foreign corporations running roughshod in our oceans. 
With our Federal and Provincial Governments doing away with all the environmental regulations and allowing these destructive giants to destroy our heritage and resources, I have two questions for you, sir.
Do you have children or grandchildren and what are we leaving for them?
I hope you think about that, as your government gives away some more Canada.
Sincerely, Tony Durke.

The Federal government, along with being ideologically driven, fundamentalist, Earth-killing, Christian soldiers, is literally giving away the farm to aquaculture corporations. If you vote for these mutherfuckers next time, you are evil or stupid or both. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the Creek and Love...

finds its way
gets lost in the day
turns around
and goes the other way
tells a story
learns from its mistakes
that it makes
along the way
it is new
or the same
as yesterday
different tomorrow
we borrow
from each other
and give it back

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Posted from the great Alexandra Morton's site...

If you are anywhere in BC you can feel the economic and ecological powerhouse of the 2010 legendary Fraser Sockeye return.  Towns the length of the province from the coast to deep into the interior are feeling the benefits of food fishing, commercial fishing, wilderness tourism and sport fishing, because of this generous fish. The local newspapers are abuzz. Scientists could not forecast this enormous run because they don’t know what caused last year’s collapse.  They were protecting fishermen from over-spending on new gear, but now the processors are unprepared.  We are running-blind on one of BC’s greatest resources. For more information on the 2010 Sockeye: I am joining First Nations and many others in a paddle down part of the Fraser River to Vancouver, where we will walk in solidarity for our wild salmon to once again tell politicians we want these fish to survive!

Alexandra Morton is a fighting force in this province of people who have long ago abandoned the wilderness and its' species. She fights for the salmon. She fights for you. Asshole.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Make it stop!

"Canadians are like children. They should be seen and not heard."
                             Canadian Psycho.


I hate to pick on our beleaguered federal government so much but with these assholes, it's like shooting the broad side of a barn with a machine gun firing basketballs. 
There was a recent Ekos poll taken and the Conservatives have fallen to their lowest approval rating, a mere 29%, since 2006. They are basically tied with the Libs, who are garnering a strong 28.5%. To lose this much ground to a party that is led by a boring, elitist wanker like Inatieff, says that you really are fucking boring too. And that is the state of Canadian politics right now. A right wing dictator does whatever the fuck he wants because the opposition is a pathetic horde of uninspiring dullards. 
The reason for the drop in the ratings is not because the arrogant Conservatives have given yet another tax cut to the rich, or even that they acted like total twats during the G20 meetings and subsequent riots in June. 
People in this country always decide to take a stand on some seemingly meaningless issue. The issue this time is the long form census. This census is given out to one in five households during census time. Many untold groups in this country use the information collected here to make all sorts of policy decisions, from healthcare to education to consumer trends. Whatever. What the government is saying when they say they want to scrap the census is,"we don't fucking care what Canadians have to say." And that is what this government seems to say to almost anything. The majority of Canadians are tired of doors being slammed in their faces by their own government, that they voted in. Well, 37.5% of us voted them in. I won't say where all the votes came from but I can assure you they did not come from Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal. 
They lost a lot of the precious few votes they do get in Vancouver, with their ideological legal fight to shut down the safe injection site on the downtown east side. Harper has never even been down there to see what is happening at street level. He would rather judge the situation from his ivory tower or from his church pew. If he bothered to look, he would notice that it is mostly churches who have taken up the fight to speak for these marginalized people. If he even followed one tenet of the man he claims to worship, shutting down a safe injection site would be the last thing on his mind. The real reason for trying to shut the site down is that Harper sucks the dick of uncle Sam and if uncle Sam wants the site closed, then closed it will be.
The educated and productive classes in this country have heard about enough American rhetoric from this sociopath government in bad sweaters with bad hair. 
Just the other day, we hear another ludicrous outburst from Stockwell Day, the minister in charge of God-knows-what, claiming that Canada needs to follow the American model and privatize the penal system and build a lot more prisons.
I guess old Stockwell didn't check the fact that crime rates have been on the wane for more than 20 years. When asked to justify his request for more prisons, Day said,'...there has been a rise in unreported crime...". What a tool.
The reason for more prisons is that, with the new Tory crime bill that will criminalize almost everything and make penalties much harsher, there will be a lot more criminals suddenly. 
I mean, nobody wants to see people get away with murder but there is no evidence that a vengeance based penal system is more productive or more of a deterrent than a system that is based more on rehabilitation, or at least a system that shows mercy. I know, all you corporal punishment supporters are calling me a bleeding heart liberal or whatever but I don't care.
There are other reasons, too, for people tiring of this government.
They are anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-free speech. They have buried their collective heads in the sand when it comes to climate change, preferring the do-nothing approach, while continuing the millions in subsidies to oil companies. Hell, they just awarded a huge contract in the Arctic to BP, the most fucking irresponsible corporation in the world. The other players are Exxon and Shell. Those two companies have never caused any damage, have they?
This is only a few reasons why the people of Canada have had enough of these ideologically driven douche bags.
But the census put us over the edge. Because when you really say,"we don't give a shit", then you are done. 
Now all we need is for the testicle free opposition to actually fucking OPPOSE something and we may find ourselves 'throwing the bastards out.'