Sunday, December 20, 2009

x-men vacation.

It's christmas again
sort of like spring
it is a thing, that makes us happy
In the dark of winter
we come in chariots
far and wide
to park and drive
and decide, not to do much
It seems more peaceful this year
less people, less grudges
the carols play in all sizes
the children dash about
with their noses running
nothing more consumerist
than a child at christmas
they want the world and they want it now!
ungrateful basterds
who's chewing the fat?
A squirrel, a bird, or a rat?
A time to be a good person
faces the challenge of a litany of swine
it takes a toll, on most of us, in time
and becomes an albatross
to contend with, to be friends with
it gets messy and distressing
when the new becomes the normal
it's like gold, it melts
and like snow, it can be frozen
by cubes or by the dozen
and like them, you went running
not believing or reading 
just talking to hear the glorious sound
of your own voice.
and hearing your beating heart
and chest
And the tinted window revs
as you wait for the light to change
but don't try to make any for 
generations to come
we are the ones 
for who they will save 
the lion's share of the blame
a holiday of chewing
and spitting
in His name

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