Monday, November 9, 2009

The Berlin wall has been gone 20 years.

Here we are, twenty years after the 'official' fall of Communism in the East, what has changed? I mean, people in East Germany can go to the store and get a loaf of bread. Without being shot by government troops. So that's definitely an improvement, no doubt about that. A lot of property was expatriated from people, as capitalism bit into the stunned and terribly curious lot that had not been allowed to cross over since 1961. The barb wire was stretched out by the truckload in the course of an evening, leaving families and friends separated for 28 years. I am sure the East German government had just witnessed the horror of Tiannemen  Square and knew the world was not in any mood to see more governments commit more violence against its' own people. Instead, they had to cave in under the pressure of a movement that could not be stopped. It just gained momentum and became too big.
Soon after, came Russia, the Kremlin would krumble, and who would keep the temperature just right at the Lenin tomb? Things could get relatively ugly if it warmed up in there.
Meanwhile, they were lining up for Pepsi and cigarettes while the mob and fragments of the Kremlin ran the country and China moved into the forefront of the whole balance of power, what with all their factories and cheap labor and access to cheap minerals. Enter America into the equation, and you have got some interesting times.
The wall was a symbolic structure that was begging to be torn down by so called free nations, and everyone could shake hands and kiss babies and they could all pat themselves on the back, listen to shitty music and vote for assholes, or just not bother to vote at all, for the next decade or so. 
Throw a fucking Jihad into that mix and there is going to be some serious shit go on. Pay attention. 
Then people talk to each other and some shit starts to change. Maybe everywhere. Maybe sometime. This always happens. It always seems to lose steam and flounder, creating a vacuum of intellectual thought and public discourse. 
Then the dead space fills with change. We change so quickly, as a society. And we have all become so much more global in the last 20 years. Even poor people have access to computers, eventually. Suddenly the world is democratic again, a free online world emerging, where people get to be anonymous, seeking refuge from their everyday reality of stress and time management.
The wall seems so distant now.  Like the world now has bigger fish to fry.  

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  1. The US is on it's last legs. Personally, I don't worry about China...I worry more about Uncle Sam...why? When a country's people has had a properous, affluent lifestyle for song long and you rip the carpet from under them they'll feel it...thud! And when you take away from someone who has had it, they'll want it back....

    China on the other hand...well, many of those folks are getting what they never had...easy to please someone who gets a bit more than what they were previously used to....

    The American economy will continue to plummet and as it does the folks down there will get more despirate. Funny, Obama's popularity has taken a nose dive in the polls.....people have this crazy notion that government will be the saviour and bail everyone out...all the "righties" down there have been having a field day with it painting Obama the evil socialist...let 'em elect another right wing government and they'll quickly realise that the economy won't get any better.....that national dept is way beyond repair...a country soon go bankrupt...its a manufacturing economy...but their greedy capilistic desire to create free trade has led to outsourcing and to what is now inevitably appearent....the complete wiping out of the middle class....the largest consumer class in the US...ouch!!!

    The only thing that has held the US somewhat afloat is the greenback....the greenback is still the currency of choice to stock up on because there really is no other alternative considering the America economy is the largest in the world....BUT, that is changing

    Who is this idiot that just wrote all this incoherent nonsense in your comments you ask????

    your cousin Pat :) Nice writing buddy...