Saturday, October 17, 2009

See oh elle bee why pt.3

straight hair curly hair
gold shoes silver shoes
look at you
all dressed up
with a lot to do 
shell reflects noise
and lets the light in
sunshine clarity truth
this is the first day
of the last of your youth
like the things you like
dogs and cats and even rats
but not roaches or bats
it was in Manhatten I was smitten
with all your sayings and musings
I took pictures but the camera was useless
you took pictures and the truth is,
they look as perfect as they should
trails in the forest
along beaches of sand and stone
we are alone, here
we hold
and you agreed that all who wander
are not lost
you solve it all and I fuel the flames
how can we be stopped?
too much fire in this room
it burns out quickly
we agree to agree and move on...
our best laid plans
change every time there is a new moon
soon, a decision is made
to keep moving
white walls painted blue
a new light or two
this place looks like a home
with a view.
it's not a fear of flying
a fear of crashing
doesn't keep you from getting there
you arrive a bit weary
depart with trepidation
across the nation
on that once great notion
that seeing is believing
you will bet on that
as will I and we try
to etch a sketch of life
the way it is
and should be

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