Friday, October 16, 2009

Blame Canada

Prime Minister Stephen Harper sings a fucking Beatles song, with the great Yo Yo Ma no less, and his popularity surges in the polls? What a bunch of fickle, simple minded, pathetic voters in this country. Who cares about the tar sands and a trillion dollar deficit when you can get by with a little help from your friends? 
It makes me think that Canadians are pretty stupid, or they just don't care. This country used to make me proud but these days, all I feel is embarrassment. We are a nation that has had its' nut sack removed. We used to stand for things, like peacekeeping, nation building, the rule of law. (see war measures act, 1970) Now all we seem to care about is fucking taxes and banal shite like that. 
Harper suits this country, really, and maybe that is what pisses me off the most about him. Don't we all have an ugly blue sweater here in Canada? Don't we all know at least one crappy song on the piano that we dare to play at some work function, where we probably drank too much? 
Look at the great Prime Ministers in the past. Trudeau, King, Laurier, MacDonald. These people were on the vanguard. They flew in the face of detractors. They stood for something. Now we have Mister fucking Rogers for a leader. 
He is totally self serving and the second he thinks he can win a majority, he will call an election. Mark my words, my friends. This man has an agenda that has not fully surfaced, only because his weak-assed party would be brought down by the opposition. 
In the mean time, Canadians will no doubt, do what they do best, nothing.
Remember Vimy, the 1972 Soviet-Canada series, Suez, Bosnia, Billy Bob Thornton? These were rare moments when Canada stood up and said,"Hey!"
Pay attention, eunuchs, its free. 

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