Monday, October 5, 2009

letter to see oh elle be why

Went out to impoverished rain forest with you
Got lost in the way you looked in that heat
Oh, that place was so hot, it was burning
Cactus fruit against the din of grey and green
Silent scream of the hawks circling
With the black moths and souls
The frogs and the tadpoles
Dried up riverbed
Waves crash into a desert landscape
We could see so many stars from the roof
Avocado, tomato, jalapeno, 
putting the pieces together to communicate
No comprende, No habla espanol? 
I can say cerveza or cuidad or hola
but not much more
The fish is beautiful under the water
or in a taco in Cabo Pulmo. 
The water, so clear and blue, like your eyes
crashes onto the sand 
Those turtles made it with a little help
from their friends
The Malecon was nice in the night
Like Palmero's with a piano player
Or kids who ask spanish questions 
And ask for english answers
El Moro trees and king sized dreams
The beach was as good as it seems
Too real to believe.
Rock isn't all that the world is made of
there's water and trees and wind and love.  

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