Saturday, October 3, 2009

I thought of this last night while I was out with friends. There are free speech 'zones' allocated for people to practice their charter rights during the olympics. I guess it is called practicing because there is no 'real' protesting allowed anywhere near a spot where someone may actually fucking see you practicing. Our basic rights have been stripped away so that a bunch of rich, neo-liberal, greedy fucking lizard people can wave flags and scream their heads off over a bunch of people chasing a puck , or chasing a rock, or chasing each other. Who can skate the fastest, ski the fastest, run the fastest, spend the most public money on wasteful, needless, corporate projects? Who needs hospitals when you have a world class fucking curling rink?
How about a trillion dollar highway from richville to greedville?
And now they are passing more laws to be able to remove people from the streets and force them into homeless shelters. Suddenly Vancouver cares about the homeless people? Only while prospective foreign investors are in town. Then they will throw them all back into the streets. They will declare the law 'unconstitutional' and everyone will say,"Yeah, we're Canadians, we won't stand for that in this country", but not before they use the new law for exactly what they planned.
Who are these men in suits, that wield such power, that they can force changes to the Canada charter? They can take away our rights, pillage city coffers, demand all sorts of unreasonable things, and then act like a scolded child when anyone even questions them. They jet all over the world like fucking rock stars, on our nickel, and we aren't even allowed to know how much it all costs because the government passed a law to make all the spending a secret. I guess we, as taxpayers, just don't know what is good for us so they will tell us. Or not tell us. It's up to them.
Hockey makes the world go around my friends. And all this time you thought it was our elliptical orbit.

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