Monday, August 10, 2009

the Way in which the state breaks Us all

Unnerving, disturbing, but calming and convalescent
our vote is the same as the truth
meaning little or nothing
Except in the aisles of the super market
or within the walls of the garden of eden
It was the sweeping and weeping
That left us clear and pure and sad
If we talk about it, we care about it
If we run from it, we never get away
Like school and youth
It will always remain for someone
No longer me and I am glad for that
youth can only be introductory once
then it loses the thing that kept it afloat, innocence
And we all lose that, sooner or later
This system becomes distressed
And the nest, is past it's life
This is the time when flowers and children matter
the rain and the Sun contain the same
as what yesterday was
An appreciation, above all else. 
Especially for the SUN

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