Thursday, August 27, 2009

multi-tasking makes us stupid

Sometimes, when I think with my mind, it hurts and feels as if I am trying to see through a glare. A flare. Life is so complex, with our daily barrage of thoughts and images fighting for your time. The Sun and Moon are the only constant, all else is negotiable. 
And the greater the scale of importance is the scale upon which most things are compared and measured against. And then, everything shall have it's place.
The most sought after in life becomes fleeting summer sunsets or a talk with a friend. 
And that from a guy who has no children yet.
The music you find becomes the soundtrack for all that you do.
But you are shut off from the World.
To tune in, or turn off...
The masses can be overwhelming at times,
And you may want to unplug from them
with all their talk of fashion and fighting.
Nowadays, you find yourself hiding
And deciding, what its gonna take to hold on to your dreams.
This isn't what it seems, its better than that
Its the truth and your lost youth
that you always wanted back
Countless days in the Sun and on the streets
leaves us hungry and recovering
and loving the way we are living


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