Wednesday, August 5, 2009

letter to john henry, part 2

john's list (continued)
acoustic guitars, lists, handwritten, typed, numerically written sections and subsections, asterisks to denote level of importance and crossed off religiously upon completion, swiss army knives, the backpack with twelve pockets and the thing you were looking for was always in the last one, Neil Young, San Blas, La Paz, newspapers, ashtrays, 2.99 breakfasts, Karaoke, Science and math, David Suzuki, freaks, Terrace, Doc Creek, the Grumman Goose, Passion, rage, laughter, the silver bike, labor day lake, no friends left behind, Bush, Iraq, Cheney, Sept. 11th, conspiracy, truth, the West end, pizza by the slice, Bob Dylan, rage against the machine, the Backpack Chair, boxes of carefully labeled video tapes, and all kinds of tapes, Tim Hortons, Lund, ebaum's world, hitch hiking, arguing with strangers, Maps, Scott cove, Holberg, detox, 4 tracks, 8 tracks, bongos, the blue shirt from Guatamala, travel stories, the cops, writing, the Big Lebowski, "Duel with boats", Entropy, boiled Toad, Walter house, the sinking Subaru, Villa Eve, Acid, So Weird, Stargate, Much Music Movie, Talkin NY blues, schematic diagrams with circles and arrows, Detailed explanations, expecting the best but planning for the worst, Extended family, Diver's rock, kayaks, Beck Mutations, Hi-8, Sublime, Thursdays pub, James Bay, Sean Harris, the sinking of the edmund fitzgerald, Invisible Man, On the Road, Bukowski, Herb's paintings, Coffee tables piled high with papers, ashtrays, cds, picks, books, tools, brushes and empties.
Friendship, Discovery, forgiveness, loyalty, resistance, honesty, tenacity, respect, understanding, empathy.

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