Friday, August 14, 2009

The day I decided to forgive america...

It was a combination of things, I guess. I was just tired of having this whole country beneath ours and for political reasons, namely the project for a new america, I had not visited it in ten years. I was pissed right off and didn't want anything to do with a country that had voted twice for a boorish fool from connecticut that wore a 10 gallon hat and lived in Texas. 
I saw the xenophobia become acceptable within a few days after 911. Suddenly it was alright to express a little racism and the racial profiling became institutionalized. 
And the lack of reaction to New Orleans, the Iraq invasion and subsequent bloody civil war, that they called an insurgency, the economic meltdown that was caused by wall street greed and spread around the globe, the trashing of people all over the world. 
america had enough of this bull shit and spoke so loud that they could not be drowned out. 
The fact that the douche bag "drill, drill, drill...",from Alaska got as far as she did was absolutely terrifying.  
Luckily, they voted for the black man in such numbers, there was no rigging it this time. That night, I wanted to forgive america so badly. I thought that things would surely change if they made a man president who had experienced inequality directly. A man who gave all his spare time to poor people.
Since then, I guess it seems like not much has changed, but knowing that there isn't a psychobilly in the white house anymore makes me think that america has regained some of its lost innocence. It has gained some credibility on the World stage for more than having the most nukes, although that still is, and will continue to be, a deciding factor. The guy with the most nukes wins. Sorry kids, it's just physics. 
In the meantime, I may be taking more trips south of the border, where people fight the fight, even if they don't understand the nature of the fight. There's a revolutionary spirit in that, no matter how wrong headed. And you have to respect that.  

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